Oct 26, 2011

I Immediately Abandon My “Jewish” Resistance to CERN if Someone Can Prove:

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1) Black holes can be charged — in contrast to my relativistic disproof (Telemach theorem)

2) Black holes can evaporate — in contrast to my relativistic disproof (Telemach theorem)

3) Black holes can grow in superfluid neutron star cores — in contrast to my quantum disproof

4) Black holes cannot grow exponentially inside earth — in contrast to my chaos proof


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  1. Peter Howell says:

    Otto Roessler’s posts are increasingly becoming hate blogs — comparing Prof. Heuer with Hitler. As lifeboat is not acting and tolerating these entriepostings on its blog, it is safe to say, it is supportive of the hate-blog Roessler is running here.

    I wonder if the IRS still thinks that donations to a hate blog running organisation should be tax deductible. We will find out as I will ask them. Roessler is right: action is needed now. Someone more familiar with German law should may consider actions against Roessler there.

    Prof. Peter Howell

  2. James Miller says:

    You should offer to give a well known physicist a large sum of money (say $50,000) in return for him carefully reading and responding to your arguments.

  3. PassingByAgain says:

    It might be that Rossler is deliberately trying to trigger some kind of legal action against himself, as a means to revive his long-gone fifteen minutes of fame. Nobody (apart from a couple of toadies) cares about him any longer, in my opinion the only sane thing to do is to leave him alone.

    BTW, note how desperately Rossler strives to be always on top of the lifeboat blog page. As soon as somebody else’s post appears, he comes back with a content-free piece (such as the one above) just to piss on the territory… ;-)

  4. Dear Mister Miller: Your idea is the best that I ever was offered.

  5. Robert Houston says:

    The expressions of hate at Lifeboat are coming mainly from the critics of Prof. Rossler, such as psychologist Peter Howell and an anonymous cursor called Hansel (aka EQ). They seem infuriated that Dr. Rossler or anyone else should speak out about the potential dangers of CERN’s collider.

    Yet CERN’s own scientists have long admitted “the LHC could…become a black-hole factory” (A. Barrau and J. Grain, CERN Courier, Nov. 12, 2004). Three physicists affiliated with CERN calculated that if “the LHC produces a…black hole which gets stuck” in the earth, then “with one extra dimension, the earth would be accreted into the black hole in 27 years” (B. Koch et al. at, 7/22/2008, v.1). These are the supporters writing!

    In such a planetary accretion, all 7 billion humans would perish. This is about 140 times the number of deaths in WWII and 1000 times the Holocaust.

    It is certainly true that CERN Director Heuer wishes no harm to anyone and is motivated to advance science at any cost or risk. Such “good intentions” can verge on over zealotry, however, especially with his refusal to hold any safety conference or on-going safety review since 2008. Thus, though seemingly well-motivated, the consequences of Dr. Heuer’s reckless negligence could indeed be far “worse than Hitler.”

  6. Thank you for your humane voice, Dr. Houston.

    Do you think Occupy (next blog) can help?

  7. My perception is that the expressions of disdain for Prof Roessler’s excessive admonishments of CERN represent the views of all this blog’s readers excluding the Prof himself, Robert Houston and Mike (sorry I don’t know your surname Mike).

  8. Robert Houston says:

    Steve, your “perception” is a misperception based on the frequent, virulent postings of a handful of CERN activists here, some using more than one alias (e.g., “Hansel”/“EQ”). More commenters at this blog have been generally supportive of Dr. Rossler. These have included not only myself and “Mike” but also Robomoon, Richard Kane, AnthonyL, Eric, Christopher Zeller, and Stefan Hansen, to name a few. The latter, for example, commented publicly to Dr. Rossler on Lifeboat, c. 3/12/2011): “You are an inspiration, and you have my full support.”

    I fully concur. Since CERN’s activities threaten the annihilation of all mankind, Prof. Rossler’s admonishments have been comparatively mild and his request quite modest: that the dangers be fully disproved before plunging ahead.

  9. I desperately need advice how to get the benefit of the doubt in a case where you see a maximally tragic course being steered. Does anyone know whether there was a sharp-sensed ship’s boy on the Titanic and if so, why his warnings were overheard?

  10. AnthonyL says:

    “As lifeboat is not acting and tolerating these entriepostings on its blog, it is safe to say, it is supportive of the hate-blog Roessler is running here.” — “Prof.” Peter Howell

    Against this opinion, I would suggest that this is the kind of attempt to curb free speech that no genuine academic would express and if Mr Howell is indeed an academic of some sort he is that shame of whatever institution employs him.

    Free speech is one of the fundamental tenets of the academy and one reason it approaches the truth far more often about any issue than the media or other publishers. It is entirely to the credit of Lifeboat that it allows Roessler to publish undisturbed.

    Moreover the implication that Roessler is writing insulting posts is quite the opposite of the truth. He is very gentlemanly in dealing with his opponents on this site, and forms quite a contrast with the vindictive vituperation of posters who contradict him. One example of this “hate” posting is that above, I would suggest.

    Roessler’s generalities accusing the officials and supporters of CERN in the LHC matter of highhandedness along the lines of Hitler etc is a perfectly reasonable simile given the number of lives at stake (7 billion at last count).

    The plain fact is that contrary to the fond belief of Powell, Steve Nerlich and other people who are lobbing rotten eggs from the sidelines who are under-researched in the matter is that CERN is preventing outside review of its flawed safety arguments and the fate of the planet may be at stake, with the chances of catastrophe actually as unknown as the actual outcome.

    If Mr Howell had any familiarity with modern physics he would respect the unexpected nature of reality as uncovered by cosmological and quantum physicists so far and respect the possibility of even stranger results to come.

    He would respect the thinking of Roessler a little more, too, even though Roessler is being attacked for what his critics say is a misstated formula on this blog.

    There is more under the heavens than you have yet conceived of, Horatio, as the Bard noted.

  11. AnthonyL says:

    The notorious Lifeboat gremlin has introduced errors in grammar above but since the readers of this blog are sufficiently well educated I assume they don’t need my corrections.