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Feb 7, 2023

NASA to test nuclear rocket engine that could take humans to Mars in 45 days

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This is the first time a nuclear powered engine has been tested in fifty years.

Feb 7, 2023

Google is holding an event about search and AI on February 8th

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It’s a 40-minute livestream.

Feb 7, 2023

NASA scientists ‘weigh’ a white dwarf for the first time using a space-time trick predicted by Einstein

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NASA astronomers used the Hubble Space Telescope to measure the mass of a white dwarf, an important step for understanding how stars die.

Feb 7, 2023

‘1-In-10-Billion’ Star System is Doomed to Explode in a Fiery Kilonova

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Scientists have discovered an extremely rare star system that is doomed to explode in a ‘kilonova’ caused by the merger of two neutron stars.

Feb 7, 2023

What Makes You You Makes the Universe: Nobel Laureate Erwin Schrödinger on Quantum Physics, Vedanta, and the Ongoing Mystery of Consciousness

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This life of yours which you are living is not merely a piece of the entire existence, but is in a certain sense the whole.

Feb 7, 2023

More Variability Found to Help Learning

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Summary: Variable stimuli may lead to better learning performance and outcomes under novel circumstances, a new study reports.

Source: DPZ

The World Cup final is in full swing, the stadium is filled to capacity, the fans are roaring, there is a flurry of flashbulbs. A free kick taker gets ready, takes a run-up and shoots. He had practiced free kicks a thousand times beforehand, but only on his home training ground and not in a crowded and noisy soccer stadium with changing lighting conditions and changing shooting positions. Will he still manage to score?

Feb 7, 2023

Sorcerer’s Apprentice — Paul Abraham Dukas

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Paul Abraham Dukas (1 October 1,865 – 17 May 1935) was a French composer, critic, scholar and teacher. A studious man of retiring personality, he was intensely self-critical, having abandoned and destroyed many of his compositions.

▶️ More great classical music:

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Feb 7, 2023

Bioelectric networks underlie the intelligence of the body

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This is a talk given to the Department of Biotechnology at Indian Institute of Technology Madras in January 2023.

Feb 7, 2023

How Maxwell’s Demon Continues to Startle Scientists

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The thorny thought experiment has been turned into a real experiment — one that physicists use to probe the physics of information.

Feb 7, 2023

Starship will likely launch to orbit for the first time in March

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“Success is far from certain, but excitement is guaranteed.”

We may be just one month from seeing SpaceX attempt to fly Starship to orbit. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk confirmed the launch attempt is likely just around the corner over the weekend when he wrote on Twitter, “if remaining tests go well, we will attempt a Starship launch next month.”

SpaceX readies for massive Starship milestone.

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