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Dec 7, 2023

Scar tissue holds hints about pancreatic cancer outcome, Stanford Medicine-led research finds

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Pancreatic cancer is deadly, and its toll is growing. Scientists find that scar tissue around the tumor suggests how long a patient will live after diagnosis.

Dec 7, 2023

6 million-year-old ‘fossil groundwater pool’ discovered deep beneath Sicilian mountains

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A large pocket of fresh water that was sucked down into Earth’s crust 6 million years ago is still buried deep below a mountain range in Sicily, new research has found.

The fresh water likely became trapped underground during the Messinian salinity crisis, when the Mediterranean Sea dried up following a global cooling event that locked ocean water up in ice sheets and glaciers. This event likely exposed the seabed to rainwater that then trickled down into Earth’s crust, according to a study published Nov. 22 in the journal Communications Earth & Environment.

Dec 7, 2023

How AI is revolutionizing the world of medicine

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FOX Business’ Lauren Simonetti details a breakthrough finding in the medical community revealing how artificial intelligence can help detect silent seizures.

Dec 7, 2023

SpaceX sends up Space Coast’s 68th launch with Falcon Heavy on tap for weekend

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SpaceX knocked out yet another Falcon 9 launch overnight but is prepping for liftoff of its powerhouse Falcon Heavy from the Space Coast as early as Sunday.

A Falcon 9 lifted off from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station at 12:07 a.m. carrying another 23 Starlink satellites to orbit.

The first-stage booster flew for the ninth time with a recovery landing on the droneship Just Read the Instructions stationed downrange in the Atlantic.

Dec 7, 2023

SpaceX’s Colossal Starship Sets Pace in Race to Build Larger Rockets

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Elon Musk’s latest rocket—the most powerful ever built—would offer better economics than conventional craft.

Dec 7, 2023

Capella to use SpaceX for two Acadia satellite launches

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WASHINGTON — Capella Space will launch two radar imaging satellites on SpaceX rideshare missions after an Electron launch failure disrupted its deployment plans.

Capella announced Dec. 5 that it had arranged to fly two of its Acadia satellites on SpaceX rideshare missions in the first half of 2024. Acadia-4 will fly on the Bandwagon-1 mission as soon as April 2024 while Acadia-5 will launch on Transporter-11 no earlier than June 2024. The Transporter-11 mission was arranged through launch services company Exolaunch.

Capella said in a statement that the arrangements allow for a diversity of orbits for its spacecraft. Bandwagon-1 is the first of a new line of dedicated rideshare missions that SpaceX announced earlier this year that will go to mid-inclination orbits, rather than sun-synchronous orbits accessed by Transporter missions.

Dec 7, 2023

How cell identity is preserved when cells divide

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An MIT study suggests 3D folding of the genome is key to cells’ ability to store and pass on “memories” of which genes they should express.

Every cell in the human body contains the same genetic instructions, encoded in its DNA. However, out of about 30,000 genes, each cell expresses only those genes that it needs to become a nerve cell, immune cell, or any of the other hundreds of cell types in the body.

Each cell’s fate is largely determined by chemical modifications to the proteins that decorate its DNA; these modification in turn control which genes get turned on or off. When cells copy their DNA to divide, however, they lose half of these modifications, leaving the question: How do cells maintain the memory of what kind of cell they are supposed to be?

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Dec 7, 2023

Stanford organ aging study spawns new longevity startup

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Biotech company Teal Omics founded after researchers develop algorithm that measures how fast individual organs are aging.

Dec 7, 2023

Research lays groundwork for promising new gene therapy approach for genetic heart disease: Clinical trials imminent

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Researchers at the Hubrecht Institute have laid the foundation for the development of a gene therapy for the genetic heart disease arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy (ACM). Their approach, based on replacement of the PKP2 gene, led to significant structural and functional improvements in laboratory models of the disease.

The study by the group of Eva van Rooij was published on 7 December 2023 in Nature Cardiovascular Research. Multiple will start in 2024 in the United States to explore the clinical potential of this approach in ACM patients with PKP2 mutations.

ACM is a genetic disease that affects 1 in 2,000 to 1 in 5,000 people worldwide. It is characterized by arrhythmias and can lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Current treatment of the disease usually consists of antiarrhythmic drugs and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs), which are focused solely on treating the symptoms rather than targeting the root of the problem.

Dec 7, 2023

Blue Origin Unveils Versatile Spacecraft Platform, Blue Ring

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Summary: Blue Origin, the aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company founded by Jeff Bezos, recently introduced its innovative spacecraft platform named Blue Ring. This announcement marks a significant milestone in Blue Origin’s endeavor to offer flexible and scalable solutions for a variety of space missions. Blue Ring aims to provide a standardized yet customizable foundation for diverse payloads, scientific missions, and potential crewed flights, representing a leap forward in space technology and exploration.

Introduction The space industry has been undergoing a radical transformation with private companies like Blue Origin at the forefront of pioneering advanced technologies and offering new opportunities for space exploration and utilization. The introduction of Blue Ring is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and its vision of enabling a future where millions of people are living and working in space.

The Blue Ring Platform: A Game-Changer for Space Exploration The Blue Ring platform is designed to be a multifaceted system capable of supporting various space missions. Its versatility comes from the ability to host multiple payloads and configurations, catering to a range of objectives from scientific research to commercial enterprises. The concept emphasizes scalability, where the platform can be adapted to different sizes and mission requirements without the need for extensive redesign.

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