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Jan 12, 2020

Warnings of ‘Volcanic Tsunami’ After Eruption in Philippines

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Tens of thousands were evacuated and tremors were felt in nearby villages amid an eruption of the country’s second-most-active volcano, the Taal, near Manila.

Jan 12, 2020

Scientists detected ripples in space and time from a potentially new class of collision in the universe. Their observatory cracked a 100-year-old mystery posed by Einstein

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The collision might have produced hundreds of Earths’ worth of gold and platinum. But some signs indicate the metals disappeared into a black hole.

Jan 12, 2020

Can science truly cheat death? And if it does… then what?

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Billions of dollars are being invested into research on aging, with promising early results. What if immortality were possible?

Jan 12, 2020

Samsung’s removable-battery smartphone is coming to the US for $499

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Samsung’s announced its new rugged smartphone, the Galaxy XCover Pro, which has a removable battery and is designed to withstand extreme conditions. It will cost $499 when it’s released in the US.

Jan 12, 2020

Engineers design on-skin electronic device providing a personal air conditioner without needing electricity

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One day, soldiers could cool down on the military battlefield—preventing heat stroke or exhaustion—by using “wearable air conditioning,” an on-skin device designed by engineers at the University of Missouri. The device includes numerous human health care applications such as the ability to monitor blood pressure, electrical activity of the heart and the level of skin hydration.

The findings are detailed in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Unlike similar products in use today or other related concepts, this breathable and waterproof device can deliver personal air conditioning to a through a process called passive cooling. Passive cooling does not utilize electricity, such as a fan or pump, which researchers believe allows for minimal discomfort to the user.

Jan 12, 2020

Recent progress and perspectives of space electric propulsion systems based on smart nanomaterials

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Drastic miniaturization of electronics and ingression of next-generation nanomaterials into space technology have provoked a renaissance in interplanetary flights and near-Earth space exploration using small unmanned satellites and systems. As the next stage, the NASA’s 2015 Nanotechnology Roadmap initiative called for new design paradigms that integrate nanotechnology and conceptually new materials to build advanced, deep-space-capable, adaptive spacecraft. This review examines the cutting edge and discusses the opportunities for integration of nanomaterials into the most advanced types of electric propulsion devices that take advantage of their unique features and boost their efficiency and service life. Finally, we propose a concept of an adaptive thruster.

Jan 12, 2020

Ultrasound selectively damages cancer cells when tuned to correct frequencies

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Doctors have used focused ultrasound to destroy tumors without invasive surgery for some time. However, the therapeutic ultrasound used in clinics today indiscriminately damages cancer and healthy cells alike.

Most forms of ultrasound-based therapies either use high-intensity beams to heat and destroy or special contrast agents that are injected prior to ultrasound, which can shatter . Heat can harm as well as , and contrast agents only work for a minority of tumors.

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology and City of Hope Beckman Research Institute have developed a low-intensity ultrasound approach that exploits the unique physical and structural properties of tumor cells to target them and provide a more selective, safer option. By scaling down the intensity and carefully tuning the frequency to match the , the group was able to break apart several types of cancer cells without harming healthy blood cells.

Jan 12, 2020

Telomerase: The Real Fountain of Youth?

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Robin looks like an ordinary twelve year old girl. She is about to run a mile for gym class and expects to do well. She comes in dead last, gasping for air by the end. Fast forward one year: her hair is graying, her skin bruises easily, and she suffers from chronic fatigue. Robin, now in her thirties, is completely gray.

Robin has a rare condition that prematurely shortens telomeres. Her father had the same condition. Before passing away at forty three, both of his hips had been replaced due to bone and muscle loss. What’s happening to Robin is happening to all of us, just at a slower pace.

In 1961 Leonard Hayflick found fetal cells would divide a finite number of times. This overturned the long-held (and now ridiculous sounding) belief that all cells are immortal. The maximum number of divisions allotted to them could not be altered by his best efforts.

Jan 12, 2020

CS221: Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques | Stanford University

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Recent AI lecture by Stanford University.

What do web search, speech recognition, face recognition, machine translation, autonomous driving, and automatic scheduling have in common? These are all complex real-world problems, and the goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is to tackle these with rigorous mathematical tools.

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Jan 12, 2020

Tesla vehicles are ‘soon’ going to talk, Elon Musk releases preview

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Tesla vehicles are apparently going to talk to people not only inside the car but also outside. CEO Elon Musk even released a quick preview video.

It’s no secret that Tesla wants to use more artificial intelligence in its business.

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