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Mar 25, 2023

Tesla Vision Park Assist measurement system proves capable in first tests

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Tesla Vision Park Assist provides visual and audio alerts of surrounding objects. This feature uses the occupancy network to predict high-definition outlines of objects 360 degrees around the car. Note: Tesla Vision Park Assist is for guidance purposes only and is not a substitute for an aware driver. Please be attentive and avoid obstacles as required.

This is after being parked for a while, interesting to see how park assist takes a bit to load previous data from before it was parked. Still really impressive work from the @Tesla team

A number of Tesla owners with vision-only cars who received update 2023.6.9 have shared initial videos of Vision Park Assist’s performance in real-world situations. Tesla Model 3 owner @EVBaymax, for one, observed that the distance estimates displayed in the vehicle are quite accurate, almost to the inch. The Model 3 owner actually verified Tesla Vision’s estimates with a tape measure, and it was quite accurate.

Mar 25, 2023

Writing the Rules on CRISPR Activation

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The researchers add that these data demonstrate that CRISPRa is generally applicable across chromatin states and cell types, and highlights the factors that impact the degree of gene activation and how easy it is to reproduce the effects. Understanding these factors is important in the design and analysis of CRISPRa screens, which are used to look for genes involved in genetic diseases, the team points out.

Further study is required to continue to add to these rules and to see whether different CRISPRa or CRISPR interference techniques behave in a similar way.

“Our research has established a system for reporting the effectiveness of CRISPR activation in stem cells, allowing us to gain a better understanding of how CRISPRa works in multiple cell states,” says Qianxin Wu, PhD, first author from Wellcome Sanger. “We also showed that CRISPR gene activation is powerful enough to induce stem cells to differentiate into other cell states. This suggests that CRISPRa screens can be used to search for genes involved in cellular processes or to generate more accurate models of cell types in the body, aiding research into genetic diseases and regenerative medicine.”

Mar 25, 2023

Reclassified galaxy is now a supermassive black hole that’s pointing directly at Earth

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We don’t want to alarm you, but there’s a black hole pointing Earth squarely in the face.

Scientists have reclassified a galaxy after finding that the supermassive black hole in its centre has changed direction and it is now aiming right at us.

Mar 25, 2023

Scientist claims meteorite that fell to earth is an ‘alien probe’ that could prove extra-terrestrial life

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A Harvard physicist has detailed his planned expedition to Papua New Guinea with the ambitious task of gathering remnants of a meteorite that he believes could be an alien probe.

Avi Loeb who is head of the Galileo Project, the “Systematic Scientific Search for Evidence of Extraterrestrial Technological Artifacts”, hopes to find fragments CNEOS1 2014/01/08 which crashed into Earth back in 2014 during the $1.5 million mission trip he organised to visit the Pacific island nation.

Mar 25, 2023

Enjoy the Singularity: How to Be Optimistic About the Future

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I’m already fairly optimistic. Y2K was supposed to drop planes of the sky. Yet we’re here. You’re more likely to die in a car wreck than plane wreck yet most people are more scared of flying than driving and flipping off people with road rage.

From ChatGPT to driverless cars, we need to be hopeful about progress.

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Mar 25, 2023

These 6 Types of Music Are Known to Dramatically Improve Productivity

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I used to listen to classical music more. I’m going to start again. I was searching for an article that said music helps heal brain injury but I can only find ones where it’s playing instruments that does that. But the Mozart effect is healthy and relaxing.

Just another example of how much you gain by listening.

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Mar 25, 2023

How Music Helps to Heal the Injured Brain

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Using music to heal the brain. If you have a TBI or know someone with one like myself, music is very therapeutic. Get some nice earbuds or over the way headphones. Wired is best or get some with long battery life. I find I feel peace and relief when I listen to certain types of music.

Why neurologic music therapy should be part of standard rehabilitation care.

Mar 25, 2023

5 Best Types of Video Games for TBI Rehabilitation

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Who would have thought that video games are good for TBI? I play them sometimes. Time for that, and not just music.

Video games may help TBI patients recover their physical and cognitive abilities faster than traditional therapy, according to recent research.

Although they might seem like just a pleasant distraction, video games engage several parts of the brain at once and can even promote neuroplasticity.

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Mar 25, 2023

Gmail and Outlook users given ‘red alert’ over scary AI ‘hiding in your inbox’

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A nefarious use for AI. Phishing emails.

SECURITY experts have issued a warning over dangerous phishing emails that are put together by artificial intelligence.

The scams are convincing and help cybercriminals connect with victims before they attack, according to security site CSO.

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Mar 25, 2023

Writers Guild Wants AI Writing Movies As Long As Humans Get All The Credit?

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