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Dec 7, 2022

Wow! See Artemis 1 spacecraft’s Earth-moon transit view in amazing time-lapse

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On the 13th day of the Artemis 1 mission, the Orion spacecraft captured Earth slip behind the moon. The footage and has been time-lapsed and looped here.

Credit: NASA | edited by Steve Spaleta (

Dec 7, 2022

Daily Crunch: Lensa AI can transform Photoshopped fakes into nonconsensual pornography

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Why, hello there, and welcome to your Tuesday Daily Crunch. I’ll be your host this week while Haje works from an undisclosed location where day is night and night is day. If you aren’t enjoying today’s Found podcast about tampons, we hope you at least saw stars at the TC Sessions: Space event. Let’s dig into some news! — Christine.

Dec 7, 2022

Biomembrane research findings could advance understanding of computing and human memory

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While studying how bio-inspired materials might inform the design of next-generation computers, scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory achieved a first-of-its-kind result that could have big implications for both edge computing and human health.

Results published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences show that an artificial is capable of long-term potentiation, or LTP, a hallmark of biological learning and . This is the first evidence that a cell membrane alone—without proteins or other biomolecules embedded within it—is capable of LTP that persists for many hours. It is also the first identified nanoscale structure in which memory can be encoded.

“When facilities were shut down as a result of COVID, this led us to pivot away from our usual membrane research,” said John Katsaras, a biophysicist in ORNL’s Neutron Sciences Directorate specializing in neutron scattering and the study of biological membranes at ORNL.

Dec 7, 2022

Nanorobots: The Future of Biotechnology

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Nanorobots are the next step in biotechnology and could be the hidden clue for curing cancer and other diseases for good. Nanotechnology doesn’t come without…

Dec 7, 2022

What is a physical property?

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Many philosophers endorse physicalism, the view that everything is physical. But what is a physical property?

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Dec 7, 2022

A strange burst of radiation from space has left scientists baffled

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Astronomers are in a state of bewilderment after they discovered strange blasts of radiation from space. Those blasts, known as gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), seem to come from a black hole that is developing slowly after two stars merged. According to NewScientist, gamma-ray bursts come in two categories: short GRBs and gamma-ray explosions: short GRBs and long GRBs.

Dec 7, 2022

Amplifying human creativity: Adobe Stock defines new guidelines for content made with generative AI

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The new guidelines provide restrictions and regulations for creators submitting art.

Adobe has now started accepting AI-generated stock images on its platform, but with regulations. The company updated its guidelines.

Image credit: Left: Adobe Stock / Art Master, Middle: Adobe Stock /Robert Kneschke, Right: Adobe Stock / Forest Spirit.

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Dec 7, 2022

Video shows aircraft concept for 2035 that could help industry reach net zero

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The new concepts are part of the company’s initiative to get the aviation industry to net-zero by 2050.

Brazilian aerospace company Embraer announced new aircraft concepts this week to reduce carbon emissions. The new concepts would also help the aviation industry meet its net-zero climate goals by 2050, a company report explains.

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Dec 7, 2022

An innovative method allows researchers to move objects using ultrasound waves

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It can be specifically useful in the robotics and manufacturing industries.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, use ultrasound waves to move objects hands-free, according to an institutional press release.

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Dec 7, 2022

Apple’s self-driving car debut pushed back and may be less advanced

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The car will allegedly have less ambitious self-driving capabilities initially and it’s debut date has been pushed back to 2026.

Apple’s ambitious electric vehicle (EV) will allegedly have fewer self-driving capabilities for its launch date, the latter of which has been pushed back by a year, from 2025 to 2026, according to a Bloomberg.

The car is still in the pipeline and is reported to be set up with more conventional car features and designs than other autonomous EVs.

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