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Jun 22, 2024

AI Is Wreaking Havoc on Global Power Systems

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From the article:

Goldman Sachs estimates that US utility companies will have to invest roughly $50 billion in new power generation capacity to support data centers.

New artificial intelligence data centers are coming online so fast that the electricity demand is straining global power grids and threatening clean energy goals.

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Jun 22, 2024

Anthropic has a fast new AI model — and a clever new way to interact with chatbots

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GPT-4o. Gemini 1.5. And now Claude 3.5 Sonnet.

Jun 22, 2024

I tested out a buzzy new text-to-video AI model from China

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Kuaishou’s generative video model Kling, which could be poised to transform how short clips are created for platforms like TikTok.

Jun 22, 2024

How generative AI could reinvent what it means to play

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AI-powered NPCs that don’t need a script could make games—and other worlds—deeply immersive.

Jun 22, 2024

How gamification took over the world

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Gamification was always just behaviorism dressed up in pixels and point systems. Why did we fall for it?

Jun 22, 2024

Why artists are becoming less scared of AI

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As people tinker and experiment with it, we’re gaining a clearer understanding of its limitations in creative fields.

Jun 22, 2024

Meta has created a way to watermark AI-generated speech

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Meta has created a system that can embed hidden signals, known as watermarks, in AI-generated audio clips, which could help in detecting AI-generated content online.

The tool, called AudioSeal, is the first that can pinpoint which bits of audio in, for example, a full hourlong podcast might have been generated by AI. It could help to tackle the growing problem of misinformation and scams using voice cloning tools, says Hady Elsahar, a research scientist at Meta. Malicious actors have used generative AI to create audio deepfakes of President Joe Biden, and scammers have used deepfakes to blackmail their victims. Watermarks could in theory help social media companies detect and remove unwanted content.

Jun 22, 2024

OpenAI buys Rockset to bolster its enterprise AI

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OpenAI has acquired Rockset, which builds tools to drive real-time search and data analytics.

In a post on its official blog, OpenAI said that it would integrate Rockset’s technology to “power [its] infrastructure across products.” Members of Rockset’s team will join OpenAI, and Rockset’s existing customers will be transitioned off of Rockset’s platform “gradually.”

The financial terms weren’t disclosed.

Jun 22, 2024

Teen robotics enthusiasts make world’s smallest, cheapest network switch

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A high school robotics team has built the world’s smallest and cheapest network switch.

The device was created by Murex Robotics and formed by students from Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire.

The invention was necessary because they could not find an affordable embedded ethernet switch for a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) they were building for an underwater drone competition.

Jun 22, 2024

Solar panel module generates power with record 26.9% efficiency

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A clean energy startup develops a record-breaking residential solar module that records an efficiency figure of 26.9 percent.

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