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Jun 3, 2023

Buckle up: A new class of materials is here

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Usually, the two characterizations of a material are mutually exclusive: something is either stiff, or it can absorb vibrations well—but rarely both. However, if we could make materials that are both stiff and good at absorbing vibrations, there would be a whole host of potential applications, from design at the nanoscale to aerospace engineering.

A team of researchers from the University of Amsterdam has now found a way to create that are stiff, but still good at absorbing vibrations—and equally importantly, that can be kept very light-weight.

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Jun 3, 2023

Scientist living at the bottom of the Atlantic said he has de-aged

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A scientist claims he has increased his lifespan by 20 percent after living 93 days underwater.

Joseph Dituri, 55, a retired Naval officer, has been living inside a 100-square-foot pod at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for 93 days, researching how a pressurized environment impacts the human body.

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Jun 3, 2023

A Quantum Computer Simulation Has “Reversed Time” And Physics May Never Be The Same

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Ever feel like you need more time? That it’s just flying by you?

And, then, do you ever wish you could reverse it?

A study published in Scientific Reports by an international team of researchers has demonstrated that a time-reversal program on a quantum computer is possible.

Jun 3, 2023

Revamping Energy Recovery: New Way To Efficiently Convert Waste Heat Into Electricity

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A team from NIST and the University of Colorado Boulder have developed a novel device using gallium nitride nanopillars on silicon that significantly improves the conversion of heat into electricity. This could potentially recover large amounts of wasted heat energy, benefiting industries and power grids.

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have fabricated a novel device that could dramatically boost the conversion of heat into electricity. If perfected, the technology could help recoup some of the heat energy that is wasted in the U.S. at a rate of about $100 billion each year.

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Jun 3, 2023

Conversations About AI — Part 2: Can AutoGPT and ChatGPT Replace Me as a Blogger?

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The emergence of AI language-modelling tools could end my endeavour as a blogger.

AutoGPT makes writing this blog by me and other contributors seem irrelevant as it does for a whole bunch of human-generated services.

Jun 3, 2023

Boffins snap X-ray closeup of single atom — and

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12 years of blood, sweat, and science went into success.

Jun 3, 2023

Webb telescope just stared into the heart of a fascinating galaxy

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The James Webb Space Telescope is so powerful that it can vividly see stars in a galaxy 17 million light-years away.

Astronomers pointed the most advanced space observatory ever built at the galaxy NGC 5,068, peering deep into its starry core. The greater goal is to better grasp how stars, like our energy-providing sun, form and evolve in galaxies. Crucially, Webb views a type of light that’s invisible to the naked eye, called infrared light. These long infrared light waves pierce through thick clouds of cosmic dust and gas, allowing us unprecedented views into galactic hearts.

“With its ability to peer through the gas and dust enshrouding newborn stars, Webb is the perfect telescope to explore the processes governing star formation,” the European Space Agency, which collaborates on the telescope with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, wrote. Solar systems born enveloped in cosmic dust simply can’t be seen with visible light telescopes like Hubble, the space agency said.

Jun 3, 2023

Neuralink Begins Human Trials!

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Last video: The 2023 Tesla AI Update Is Here!

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Jun 3, 2023

AI Sheds New Light on the ‘Code of Life’

Posted by in categories: biotech/medical, chemistry, robotics/AI

USC Dornsife researchers employ artificial intelligence to unveil the intricate world of DNA structure and chemistry, enabling unprecedented insights into gene regulation and disease.

Jun 3, 2023

New Linux Ransomware Strain BlackSuit Shows Striking Similarities to Royal

Posted by in category: cybercrime/malcode

An analysis reveals striking similarities between the BlackSuit and Royal ransomware strains.

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