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Jan 2, 2015

Which Ego? And, ergo, P.Q. By Lifeboat Foundation’s Own Andres Agostini — Amazon, LinkedIn

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Which Ego? And, ergo, P.Q.

circles 400 dpi

There is no “…Ego…”, but SELF-INTEREST WITH SELF ESTEEM, fueled only by SELF OWN WILL POWER and hence directed by OWN ETHOS and OWN COGNITION and OWN SENSING.


P.Q. equates to Prudential Quotient or, better yet, to PRUDENTIAL INTELLIGENCE (P.Q.).

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Jan 2, 2015

The Immortalists Official Trailer

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Jan 1, 2015

Kaalagyan: Farsighted-Future Investigation And Reoriented Research By Drashtara, Andres Agostini!

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Kaalagyan: Farsighted-Future Investigation And Reoriented Research By Drashtara, Andres Agostini!

0000000000000  OVER DRASHTARA


“…White Swan [ ]; yes White Swan! In Sanskrit‚ we have an adage-HAMSA KSHEERA NYAYAM — meaning Swan and the Milk Example! What does this mean? It is believed that Swan accepts milk portion only from out of the mixture of Milk and Water! [….] I am honored to compare this Vedic Analogy with Mr. Andres Agostini’s WHITE SWAN — I do know whether Andres kept this Vedic term. While titling his Great foreseeing of the Future! [….] Needless to say that Andres is a foreseer; DRASHTARA! He illumines the present science and technology and heightens the future Metascale heights, yet he says that he does know what could be in 2045! [….] In Sanskrit the Vedantic Sages call Andres «… a DRASHTARA …» and as such he is set out to re-channelize the R&D&I effort’s direction and pathway by applied scientists in dire straits, thus re-illuminating them in the unaccounted-for dynamic driving forces in order for scientists to return to the right path [….] THE UNIVERSE IS A LEGENDARY VERSE AND I MUST ADMIT WITH MY LIMITED KNOWLEDGE OF THE PAST TO FUTURE, THE EVOLUTION IS THE GREATEST REVOLUTION IN ALL ASPECTS; KNOWN BECOMES NON EXISTENT AND UNKNOWN BECOMES THE MOST ADORED AND PREFERRED TOOL OF THE PRESENT TOOL FOR AFFLUENCE IN SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL FAST TRACKS! I admire Andres at every meticulous step in his narration citing and acknowledging his indebtedness to his peers! My knowledge of Science and Technology is limited to appreciation of the facts of the future! I am no match to Andres Agostini’s knowledge, but have the firm belief that Andres Agostini’s forethoughts of the future are the as true as Sun and Moon! [….] It is a prevailed I casually came across this page and must say I am a gainer in knowledge! [.…] THERE IS IGNORANCE IN KNOWLEDGE AND SO TOO KNOWLEDGE IN IGNORANCE BECAUSE THE MORE ONE LEARNS; MUCH MORE HE/SHE FEELS MORE HE/SHE MUST LEARN! [….] PEOPLE LIKE MR. ANDRES AGOSTINI ARE ALWAYS SOUGHT AFTER TO EDUCATE THE THIRSTY FOR KNOWLEDGE OF THE FUTURISTIC DEVELOPMENTS! [….] WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE ARE DUAL ENTITIES OF THE MIND! Needless to say drawing from the expressive impressions of previous births to forecast the futuristics of the incoming generations called in Sanskrit as KAALAGYAN! (in Sanskrit, ‘… knowledge and awareness with farsightedness of eternal future times…’) [….] Whatever we call genes/genetic in modern scientific terminology! As usual Mr. Andres Agostini, with his habitual farsightedness has inherent KAALAGYAN to disclose whatever the future holds for the future! I wish Mr Andres Agostini all the great results for the future he is investigating! [….] SOMETIMES I HAVE THE PREMONITION, HAVING READ SEVERAL OF MR ANDRES AGOSTINI’S PUBLICATIONS, THAT HE BELONGS TO PRE-VEDIC PERIOD IN FORESEEING THE FUTURISTIC HAPPENINGS! HE IS TOTALLY DEDICATED IN HIS STUDIES: WIDTH AND DEPTH! HIS ZEAL SURMOUNTS MOUNT EVEREST! …”

— Mr. Grama Keshava Ananthram

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Jan 1, 2015

Preventative Resiliency! By Mr. Andres Agostini — Amazon, LinkedIn,

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0000000000000000 man of superness

I.- Thou Shalt Have a Written Detailed Step-by-Step Disaster Plan,

II.- Thou Shalt Do Cost-Benefit Analysis,

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Jan 1, 2015

Dr. Aubrey de Grey: When Do You Want to Die?

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This archive file was compiled from an interview conducted at the SENS Research Foundation in Mountain View, California, February 2013.

“The first person to live to 150 is alive today.” That was the promise featured on a billboard from the insurance giant Prudential in the year 2013. The advertisement was perhaps representative of a growing awareness that the possibility of substantially extended human longevity was, if not around the corner, no longer a science fiction daydream. Later the same year, search leader Google established a company, Calico, specifically dedicated to rethinking aging. It seemed as though the existing paradigm, in which thinking about longevity was all well and good — but actually investing in it crossed over into madness — was starting to crumble.

Despite these outward signs of change however, polls indicated that most people were not interested in investing — financially or emotionally — in longevity. Many saw in longevity research the problems implicit in the message of the Insurance billboard: “If I live to 150, won’t I run out of money? Will I ever be able to retire? Wouldn’t dying at 80 or 90 be just fine, really?”

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Jan 1, 2015

To Omniscience or To Not Omniscience? By Copyright Mr. Andres Agostini — —

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To Omniscience or To Not Omniscience? By Copyright Mr. Andres Agostini

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Jan 1, 2015


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Wanderers — a short film by Erik Wernquist from Erik Wernquist on Vimeo.

Dec 31, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (January 02, 2015) — Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn

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FUTURISM UPDATE (January 02, 2015) — Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn


PHYS.ORG: Thermodynamic analysis reveals large overlooked role of oil and other energy sources in the economy…ooked.html

PHYS.ORG: Scientists identify patterns of RNA regulation in the nuclei of plants

PHYS.ORG: Unique Sulawesi frog gives birth to tadpoles

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Dec 31, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (January 01, 2015) — Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn

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FUTURISM UPDATE (January 01, 2015) — Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn


TECHCRUNCH: The Grid Uses Artificial Intelligence To Design Your Websites For You…s-for-you/

WHITE SWAN BOOK: US and European visions of connected objects at Odds

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Dec 31, 2014

“Infinity plus Infinity equals zero”: A logical Error made by the Physics Profession

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Everyone can witness it in the scientifically well-researched blockbuster movie “Interstellar”: The protagonist had to travel fairly deep down to the vicinity of the surface of a giant black hole while feeling absolutely normal there. But there he realizes that when he is to come back home soon, decades will have passed by out there owing to his momentarily heavily slowed clocks and aging. Hence he is younger now than his own daughter whom he had so reluctantly left behind. This is the ingenious part of the script. The rest of the movie becomes inconsistent, the viewer realizes: The crew next goes down much deeper to reach the horizon and travel through the wormhole (and so a second time on the way back), but this time around the matching infinitely fast aging rate in the outside world is swept under the rug for the sake of the narrative having a happy end.

My point is that near the horizon itself, the slowdown becomes infinite. Hence “infinity plus infinity equals zero” is the axiom presupposed in the movie’s second part. Therefore we can dismiss that part as crab? Please, do not do so: this part describes exactly what modern physics is teaching. That is, the movie’s inconsistent second part is the current textbook knowledge: a belief in the presence of “equal rights” between the two time scales, the one outside and the one downstairs in gravity. This is the canonical teaching in physics for 75 years – ever since 1939 when J. Robert Oppenheimer unwittingly laid the ground to this logical error in his ingenious paper, written jointly with Hartland Snyder, in which the physical existence of stellar black holes was first predicted. It is highly technical ( ).

Following 1939, only the “Russian school” avoided the mentioned error by speaking of “frozen stars” rather than of “stellar black holes.” Eventually, however, peer pressure from the West caused this view to fall into oblivion following the end of the cold war. The once correctly recognized “freezing of time near a black hole” was forgotten by the profession. Interstellar now brought it to the whole world.

The mentioned emotional scene (a father suffering in his heart because the imperceptible slowing-down of time that holds true for him near a mega black hole implies that his beloved young daughter will no longer be a child on his impending return) is now an eye-opener for the whole planet.

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