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Jul 6, 2015

Does a Multiverse Fermi Paradox Disprove the Multiverse?

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This is quite the interesting article, but the sheer number of unknowns that surround the Fermi Paradox, without even taking into consideration all the hypotheticals of a potential multiverse, pretty much render the whole thing scientifically pointless.

That said, Philosophically speaking, it’s priceless.

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Jul 2, 2015

Elon Musk-backed Future of Life Institute Provides $7M in Safe AI Project Grants

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Jun 25, 2015

We Are 100%, For Sure, in the Middle of a Major Extinction Event — Kaleigh Rogers | Motherboard

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“Even using conservative estimates, the researchers found that the rate of extinction in the last 115 years is as high as 50 times what it would be under normal circumstances.” Read more

Jun 24, 2015

NASA Plans To Use Nukes On Potential Doomsday Asteroid

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If NASA has its way, the human race won’t be going the way of the dinosaurs any time soon.

The space agency is teaming up with the National Nuclear Security Administration to work on a planetary defense plan to deflect a potential doomsday asteroid so it doesn’t strike Earth, according to The New York Times.

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Jun 19, 2015

The sixth mass extinction is here, say Stanford researchers

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Oh, Joy. This is what OTHER planets are for! So let’s get out there already!

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Jun 15, 2015

Scientists Are Crowdfunding Spacecraft To Blast Asteroids Out Of The Sky — By Loren Grush Popular Science

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It’s the ultimate doomsday scenario: Astronomers spot an enormous miles-wide asteroid headed for a collision course with Earth. An impact with our planet means a fiery goodbye to civilization—and life—as we know it, and there are only a few short weeks to rally together a plucky group of oil drillers the citizens of the world to somehow fight this apocalyptic threat.

Fortunately, it’s doubtful we’ll ever be faced with this kind of sudden Armageddon. NASA, other government space agencies, and astronomers across the world have a pretty solid way of tracking huge, civilization-destroying asteroids, mapping their trajectories many years or decades in advance before they might head our way. Such ample warning would give us more than enough time to prepare some kind of deflection strategy. Read more

Jun 13, 2015

Meet the people out to stop humanity from destroying itself

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More research has been done on dung beetles and Star Trek than human extinction. These people want to change that.

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Jun 1, 2015

Is it Ethical to heal a young white Elephant from his physiological Autism?

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Is it Ethical to heal a young white Elephant from his physiological Autism?

Otto E. Rossler1, Cony Theis², Jürgen Heiter1, Werner Fleischer1 and Anonymous Student²

1University of Tübingen, Auf der Morgenstelle 8, 72076 Tübingen, Germany

²University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Im Wiestebruch 68, 28870 Ottersberg, Germany

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May 27, 2015

An Homage to CERN’s John Bell

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Heraclitus’ Saying “The Wartime-Slaughterer is the Father of Everyone”: almost confirmed through Einstein’s Intuition

Otto E. Rossler

Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, University of Tubingen, Auf der Morgenstelle 14, 72076 Tubingen, Germany


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May 25, 2015

Dear young Physicists and Architects

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Dear young Physicists and Architects: Please, picture a frictionless Wheel that is lowered reversibly in Gravity

Otto E. Rossler

Faculty of Mathematics and Science, University of Tübingen, 72076 Tübingen, Germany


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