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Oct 16, 2016

There’s a way to turn almost any object into a computer – and it’s causing shockwaves in the science community

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Its called Singularity.

This new technology could change what we know about computers.

Oct 15, 2016

The Astonishing Healthcare Tech of the Future Is Arriving

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This week in San Diego, Singularity University hosted its annual Exponential Medicine conference. The conference aims to connect the dots between healthcare disciplines and cutting-edge tech by convening medical practitioners, technologists, entrepreneurs, and over 80 expert speakers from the field.

It’s easy to say “healthcare is broken” and call it a day, but a quote from brilliant thinker Maria Popova reminds us of the power of optimism to create change:

Oct 15, 2016

Enhancing Humanity — What’s The Next Phase Of Human Evolution?

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I really love this topic – questioning what’s out there for humanity besides a singularity that may or may not happen or a discovery of the source powering an uber sophisticated kind of video game a.k.a. the *simulated* and likely *holographic universe*… Yes, evolution gets me all excited.

What follows now are possible futures for all of us, based on circulating theories on (continuing) evolution.

These futures show either a grinding halt to evolution, a continuing mutation and selection here on earth, some new form of evolution driven by technology, and (in a way related to technology, as well) a differentiation introduced by mimicking and adapting to a life on speculative space colonies.

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Oct 9, 2016

“It’s a Powerful Time to Reshape Healthcare Across the Planet”

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We are living in a world that is global and exponential. Technology is taking things that used to be scarce and making them abundant—and these forces are reshaping the fields of medicine and healthcare in completely novel ways.

Opening this year’s Exponential Medicine conference in San Diego, Daniel Kraft, the curator of the conference, and faculty chair of Medicine and Neuroscience at Singularity University, took the audience on a whirlwind tour of the latest developments in healthcare and medicine.


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Oct 8, 2016

Singularity University Live Stream of Exponential Medicine 2016

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Follow along with the Exponential Medicine 2016 livestream, presented by Guidewell. Join Singularity University as we explore the convergence of health and technology to catalyze the future of medicine.

Join us on Twitter @ExponentialMed and with #xmed.

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Sep 22, 2016

Ray Kurzweil: We Can Control AI Before It Controls Us

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Over time, technology offers solutions to old problems while creating new issues in the process. The more powerful the technology, the greater its potential to do good and harm. Artificial intelligence is no exception, and as AI has advanced, worry about its risks has grown too.

Technology’s dual identity isn’t new, Ray Kurzweil said in a Q&A at Singularity University.

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Sep 19, 2016

10 Tips For Exponential Conversations

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When I was young, my dad once told me;

“You know there are three types of people.

The simple- they talk about other people.

The average- they talk about experiences.

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Sep 15, 2016

Aluminum Twin Diesel 28‘ speed boat

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28’ Singularity — The only boat in the world like it — no more will be built!! Nothing comes close to the boats’ style, design and sea handling capabilities!

[email protected]

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Sep 15, 2016

Programmable Biology Has Begun

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Scientists have completed reprogramming DNA on the largest scale ever, making the concept of superhumans a reality while advancing Singularity.

Cloned embryo.

Most of us like the idea of superpowers. Though we may never have the strength of Superman, we could be made stronger, faster, and even better-looking, with total control over our genome, or genetic makeup. What about becoming disease-resistant, weight gain resistant, and even slowing down the aging process? This might be possible in decades to come, as geneticists are now getting ever closer to, not just removing and replacing genes, but rewriting entire genomes. It sounds like the realm of science fiction. Yet, consider that geneticists at Harvard recently recoded the genome of a synthetic E. coli bacteria. Prof. George Church and colleagues conducted the study.

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Sep 13, 2016

Tuning materials and devices to adapt to their environment

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Definitely a big deal.

I look forward to the day when everything lives and adapts as well as interacts in their environments. Buildings, machines, autos, planes, etc. Last month we read about the living buildings that DARPA is focused on that utilizes synthetic cells which enables buildings and other structures to self repair themselves much like human cells do.

Definitely glad to see more and more people jump on the Singularity path.

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