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Jun 28, 2016

How VR Gaming will Wake Us Up to our Fake Worlds

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Human civilization has always been a virtual reality. At the onset of culture, which was propagated through the proto-media of cave painting, the talking drum, music, fetish art making, oral tradition and the like, Homo sapiens began a march into cultural virtual realities, a march that would span the entirety of the human enterprise. We don’t often think of cultures as virtual realities, but there is no more apt descriptor for our widely diverse sociological organizations and interpretations than the metaphor of the “virtual reality.” Indeed, the virtual reality metaphor encompasses the complete human project.

Figure 2

Virtual Reality researchers, Jim Blascovich and Jeremy Bailenson, write in their book Infinite Reality; “[Cave art] is likely the first animation technology”, where it provided an early means of what they refer to as “virtual travel”. You are in the cave, but the media in that cave, the dynamic-drawn, fire-illuminated art, represents the plains and animals outside—a completely different environment, one facing entirely the opposite direction, beyond the mouth of the cave. When surrounded by cave art, alive with movement from flickering torches, you are at once inside the cave itself whilst the media experience surrounding you encourages you to indulge in fantasy, and to mentally simulate an entirely different environment. Blascovich and Bailenson suggest that in terms of the evolution of media technology, this was the very first immersive VR. Both the room and helmet-sized VRs used in the present day are but a sophistication of this original form of media VR tech.

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Jun 28, 2016

This is how Google plans to take control of public transit and parking in the U.S

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Alphabet’s “improved city living” company, Sidewalk Labs – the group behind the futuristic digital city story a while back – is already getting its feet wet in real-life situations. The Guardian has obtained documents and emails that detail a proposal made by Sidewalk Labs to the city of Columbus, Ohio. It essentially allows Google to assume control of the city’s public transport and parking system.

The information was obtained through public records laws and details an offer made by Sidewalk Labs to provide the city of Columbus with its cloud-based program called Flow for free. Flow would put the city’s public transit, public parking and transit subsidy program under the control of Google.

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Jun 27, 2016

This veteran lost his legs and found new meaning in yoga

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This veteran lost his legs in war. Now, he’s found new purpose in yoga.

Jun 26, 2016

Putin praises ‘all-embracing’ partnership of Russia, China

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Russia’s hope of a partnership with China in Tech. Could QC be part of this?

In May 2014, Putin visited Beijing and presided over the signing of numerous deals, including a mammoth 30-year natural gas contract worth $400 billion, seeking to show the West that Russian Federation still had viable options.

They are also hoping to clinch an agreement on a high-speed railway line between Moscow and Kazan, some 700 kilometres east of the capital, by the end of the year.

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Jun 24, 2016

Star Trek Replicators Become Reality With NASA’s New 3D Printer/Recycler

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NASA aims for a Star Trek future by transforming replicators into a real-world technology using a 3D printer/recycler! — B.J. Murphy for Serious Wonder.

Jun 24, 2016

Russia’s Planning To Develop A Teleportation Device By 2035

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Good luck with that one Russia. Just to deadly for me.

To teleport from one place to another has, and still remains, one of the most sought-after technologies since it was first conceived in the writings of our greatest science fiction authors.

Few won’t have gawped at Star Trek’s transporter and while we’ve managed to conquer many of the technologies first outlined in the series this one has evaded us so far.

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Jun 23, 2016

Simulations of a Solitary Hallucination

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Matt Mullican’s virtual worlds.

Jun 22, 2016

Moscow to explore high-speed Hyperloop commuter transport system

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Moscow has signed an agreement with Los Angeles-based company Hyperloop One to explore building a futuristic, high-speed transportation system known as a Hyperloop in the Russian capital.

A Hyperloop involves using magnets to levitate pods inside an airless tube, creating conditions in which the floating pods can shuttle people and cargo at speeds of up to 750 mph (1,200 kph).

Jun 22, 2016

Um promissor remédio antienvelhecimento está prestes a ser testado em humanos

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Um composto chamado mononucleotídeo de nicotinamida (NMN) retarda o processo de envelhecimento e prolonga o tempo de vida em ratos. Estamos prestes a descobrir se ele tem o mesmo em seres humanos.

Como funciona o processo de envelhecimento do ser humano Cientistas encontram uma área no cérebro que desacelera o envelhecimento

Um ensaio clínico desenvolvido por pesquisadores da Universidade de Washington em St. Louis (EUA) e da Universidade de Keio (Japão) vai testar a eficácia e segurança desse composto.

Jun 21, 2016

Glasses that let the color blind see color

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Watch people see color for the first time thanks to these high-tech glasses.

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