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May 28, 2016

The Diamond Industry Is Being Disrupted

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Over the recent 6 months, we have been able to successfully prove how Synthetic diamonds helps stabilize QC and will be a key part of the semiconductor equation. And, we recognize that some of the worlds top labs are in Russia. However, where are we now with 3D printing in mass producing the same grade quality of those found in Russia? And, how far off are we in having 3D printers from producing the synthetic diamonds that have the reliable quality and performance that we require for QC? Here is an article from 2015; however, not much has been shared since.

JCK Magazine offers readers expanded coverage of the most important jewelry industry issues and style trends impacting their businesses.

May 28, 2016

3D-Printed Hair Is a Thing and It Could Change the Beauty Industry

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Latest on 3D printed Synthetic hair.

Makeup brushes haven’t changed all that much over the last century. Sure, brands have figured out how to create synthetic fibers and played around with handle placement, but otherwise, there hasn’t been a whole lot of innovation, especially compared with the developments we’ve seen in skin care and cosmetics. But that could all change thanks to the creation and testing of 3D-printed hair by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Tangible Media Group.

3D-printed hair isn’t technically a new innovation; MIT unveiled the first 3D-printed hair about a year ago. What’s new is that since then, the researchers have explored the exciting possibilities of the technology. In a recently released paper, the Tangible Media Group details the creation of its Cillia program, which allows for the 3D printing of both flat and curved surfaces covered in extremely fine, tightly packed, artificial hairs. What’s so cool is just how small they can make the hairs—as tiny as 50 microns across—giving them the ability to create highly dense hairy or furry surfaces that were previously only possible in nature. And because they can get the hair that small, it allows the company to control a whole bunch of things like the length, thickness, and density of each individual hair that’s printed.

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May 28, 2016

Singer Simonne Jones Fuses Pop Music and Quantum Physics

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What I have come to appreciate with scientists and engineers is our diversity of interests and talents. And, this is definitely another case that proves that.

We talked to the artist about her debut album with songs called “Spooky Action” and “Gravity”.

May 28, 2016

Google’s late response to Amazon Echo suggests the future is voice control and virtual reality

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The recent Google I/O developer conference at which the company reveals its new products and directions brought with it several surprising announcements that mark significant changes for the way the company approaches its online business.

The first was the admission by Google chief executive, Sundar Pichai, that Amazon had taken the lead in voice-activated devices when it launched Echo last year when he announced the company’s own Google Home, a similar table-top, voice-controlled AI assistant. These devices have been made possible by the rapid improvement of voice-recognition technology and AI fast enough to respond in real time to questions and answers. But under the surface, the devices are deeply integrated with the cloud, and in the case of Echo, Amazon’s online marketplace.

This is significant because Echo now boasts more than 400 different “skills” and connected suppliers through which users can order food, look up calendar appointments, pay credit card bills, search for information and many other things – just by asking with their voice. The ecosystem of companion products around these intelligent assistants is growing too: just by asking, you can switch on the lights in any room, control the thermosat, security system and fire detectors, automate perimeter doors or fences.

May 28, 2016

Mind Over Matter

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Soon in the future, we will not need smartphones, or AR/ VR headsets, and other devices with BMI technology.

Tom Shippey reviews “The God Wave” by Patrick Hemstreet.

May 28, 2016

Motion AI in public beta, Rust 1.9, and Intel acquisition to drive IoT—SD Times news digest: May 27, 2016

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Cannot wait to try out.

Motion AI is in public beta with the Bot Store coming soon; Rust 1.9 is released; Intel acquires a computer vision company to drive IoT.

May 28, 2016

The business case for bots: Understanding the bot landscape (VB Live)

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Like anything else there are fundamentals around when, what, and why to use certain technologies and methods to achieve real value and return out of an investment; and bot technology is no different.

Bots are not only cheaper and faster to build than apps, they let companies engage consumers where they spend most of their mobile time: messaging platforms. Join us to understand why Facebook is going all in on chatbots for Messenger and brands as diverse as Staples, Bank of America, and Taco Bell are leading the bot charge — and bots are literally changing the conversation.

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May 28, 2016

Investing in Lab-Grown Diamonds

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Another article on the growing importance and usage of synthetic diamonds in semiconductors especially in QC. In QC synthetic diamonds has been found through their complex crystalized structures to help stablelize processing and transmission of data. I strongly advise investors, labs, etc. to seriously look at this market. Also, some of the most proven laboratories are located in Russia, and US.

It might surprise you to learn that we can, in fact, grow diamonds in labs. Here’s the story.

May 28, 2016

Synchronization of optical photons for quantum information processing

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Syncing of optical photons.

A fundamental element of quantum information processing with photonic qubits is the nonclassical quantum interference between two photons when they bunch together via the Hong-Ou-Mandel (HOM) effect. Ultimately, many such photons must be processed in complex interferometric networks. For this purpose, it is essential to synchronize the arrival times of the flying photons and to keep their purities high. On the basis of the recent experimental success of single-photon storage with high purity, we demonstrate for the first time the HOM interference of two heralded, nearly pure optical photons synchronized through two independent quantum memories. Controlled storage times of up to 1.8 μs for about 90 events per second were achieved with purities that were sufficiently high for a negative Wigner function confirmed with homodyne measurements.

May 28, 2016

The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality

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The cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman believes that evolution and quantum mechanics conspire to make objective reality an illusion.

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