End of the Year Fundraiser

Update — Donald Maclean has pledged $10,000 in matching funds for our End of the Year Fundraiser. Get your donations matched dollar for dollar.
The Lifeboat Foundation is holding its end of the year fundraiser so we can start next year with a bang!
Our recent accomplishments include the launch of our “Lifeboat to the Stars” award which is being supported by our Catherine Asaro, Tracy Atkins, Jason Batt, Greg Bear, Sherry E. Bell, Kevin M. Berry, Don V. Black, James Blodgett. Stephan Vladimir Bugaj, André Caminoa, Brenda Cooper, David Gerrold, James E. Gunn, Niklas Järvstråt, Jim Karkanias, Rouslan Krechetnikov, Wes Kretzschmar, Eva-Jane Lark, Mike E. McCulloch, George Perry, and Frederick Pohl, Robert J. Sawyer, Allen M. Steele Jr, John K. Strickland Jr, and Allen G. Taylor. They are judging, working on our related bibliographical survey, etc.
We have been supporting many conferences. Just in December we are supporting:
Our financial and media support for Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaigns has generated the following successes so far:
We will soon be publishing our first Lifeboat Foundation book, “The Human Race to the Future: What May Happen — and Why” by our Daniel Berleant. We will release more information on this important project in the near future. Read 62 interesting blog posts (spanning 4 years) by Dan. We plan to back this book with an extensive marketing campaign.
Our goal is $25,000. Help us make 2013 our best year yet.

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