Advisory Board

Neal Van De Ree

Neal Van De Ree is Officiator at The Church of Perpetual Life and Owner of VanDeRee Associates. “My beliefs are that the human species can stop and reverse the aging process,” says Neal. “I view it as a disease that we can cure and believe this will come to pass within our life time. The sooner we get this done, the more lives will be saved.”
Neal assisted Aubrey De Grey in organizing the Understanding Aging Conference in 2008 in Los Angeles. In 2012, he met Bill Faloon of Life Extension and began to assist with the creation of the Church of Perpetual Life, which had its first service in November of 2013. The church unites like-minded people to teach scientific rationality along with the Creator’s plan for mankind to develop technologies that will facilitate the transformation of life into an environment of perpetual duration. A founding tenant of this church is that indefinitely extended healthy lifespans are not only desirable and attainable, but what the Creator planned for humanity to accomplish.
Purposes of the Church of Perpetual Life:

  • Provide fellowship for longevity enthusiasts through regular services, holiday services, and memorial services for self-preserved individuals.
  • Teach scientific rationality along with the Creator’s plan that humanity evolve to achieve markedly extended healthy lifespans.
  • Accelerate the Creator’s plan of the Common Task of Humanity, which is to cultivate technology that will facilitate the transformation of life into an environment of perpetual duration.
  • Enable information sharing amongst fellow longevity enthusiasts that will facilitate the Common Task.
  • Create a sense of belonging, a common bond amongst like-minded individuals, and communal volunteer support for fellow church members who fall ill, who are hospitalized, or otherwise face imminent medical problems.
  • Institutionalize the concept of indefinitely extended lifespans so that others are enlightened and can contribute to the Common Task.
  • Provide a tangible foundation and physical structure to demonstrate the commitment of the Church of Perpetual Life to provide perpetual support to deanimated members and advance the field of biomedical research.
  • Provide group support, peer encouragement, and rational persuasion for Church members and guests to contribute their energies and themselves to the Common Task of Humanity.
Neal earned his BA in Speech Communications at the University of Florida in 1985. He also studied Law at the University of Miami School of Law.
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