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Eliott Edge

Eliott Edge is author of 3 Essays on Virtual Reality: Overlords, Civilization, and Escape. He is a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, writer, journalist-blogger, researcher, philosopher-mystic, humorist, and activist who has circulated most of his work as the beloved online personality OddEdges. When acting as Odd he claims to be “A prolific noösphere squatter spreading Awareness awareness.”
Eliott was introduced to avant-garde, transgressive, and experimental art by the author, poet, and filmmaker Peter Valente. Together and with others they collaborated on several short films, two albums as Untitled 87, and the poetry zine Upstairs Arcade. Their films have been screened at Anthology Film Archives and included in the film curriculum at Stevens Institute of Technology.
In 2008 Eliott cut his teeth in consciousness research and psychedelia at Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors where he premiered his experimental horror short film Hello Sexy Curse and his better known visionary-educational Positive Programming series, both of which went on to find a home on YouTube.
From then on he took to journalism, blogging, and content generation for the alternative paradigms webzine Reality Sandwich. There he pioneered Action Alerts, an effort to bring more attention to groups like Demand Progress long before they became mainstream. He also acted as the editor for This Week in Tech, their social media guru, and was the producer and host of the Reality Sandwich podcast.
Avoiding both debt and formal academia, Eliott has taken an autodidact approach to life, often seeking out leaders in respective fields for insight and collaboration. This autodidactism lead to founding the website and Facebook group EducatingEarth which is dedicated to “A free education for all the world’s people.” EducatingEarth is a universal free education project that Eliott is constantly seeking collaborators for.
An addicted blogger, he eventually invaded the Tumblrverse with pages like A Type One Civilization a modest effort to highlight alternative forms of infrastructure. He also began his better known blog Anti-teachings for Young People, a repository of his own maxims and micro-essays regarding consciousness, language, mediation, civilization, media, ethics, spirituality, virtual reality, digital natives, cyborg anthropology, Discordianism, McLuhanism, Zen, mysticism, and general transcendental-observational humor.
Eliott is featured in the first chapter of Gabriel D Roberts’ book The Quest for Gnosis: Spirituality Beyond Dogma, where he discusses a kind of millennial spirituality based on NASA physicist Tom Campbell’s My Big TOE.
He acted in an advisory capacity for Set Science Free, a citizen run campaign that argued for a fairer debate from TED regarding the work of evolutionary biologist Rupert Sheldrake.
Eliott is currently working on a series of essays and papers on civilization as humanity’s “Second Womb”, the consequences of evolving artificial intelligences in simulated universes, and a scientific-philosophical ontology called “Participatory Anthropic Simulism” — an effort to create an account for consciousness and the observer effect in a simulated universe context.
You can find links to most of his work on the Easter egg-ridden website Some of his digital artworks can be found on his website and at the Museum of Computer Arts. He has also collaborated with world-renown artists and authors.
Currently, Eliott writes for Disinformation. He has also been an actor, poet (A Nightwalky Weather to get Low Lost In and The Alchemical Dream Lab), produced brain-melting music as Outside Mind, and remixed tracks as OddEdges.
Eliott is extremely honored to be invited to collaborate with the Lifeboat Foundation given their far-reaching humanitarian mission statement and community of accomplished supporters.
View his Tumblr page. Read his IMDb profile and his LinkedIn profile.