Advisory Board

Dr. Stala Kioupi

Stala Kioupi, M.D., M.A. is Medical Officer at the Cyprus Ministry of Health. Stala has been a Representative of the Ministry of Health at the World Health Organization as Coordinator of Haemovigilance since 2006.

Stala is Project Manager and Administrator of a wide variety of MOH applications. She is particularly interested in blood issues, cancer patients, and organizing and developing Blood Banks in Government Hospitals. Recently she has been focusing more on Old Age and Rheumatism Projects. She is the Government Liaison for Blood Donation.

Stala is a member of the General Assembly for the Joint Action at AdvantAGE organization. The General Assembly is the ultimate decision making body with 22 Member States (MS) and 33 organizations involved. It is cofunded by the European Union and the Member States.

Its partners work together to summarize the current State of the Art of the different components of frailty and its management, both at a personal and population level and increase knowledge in the field of frailty to build a common understanding on frailty to be used by participating Member States.

Stala was an invited speaker at the 1st Mediterranean Congress of Anti-aging Medicine, taking place in Larnaca on Cyprus organized by the European Society of Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-aging Medicine (ESAAM). Her talk was about Prevention and management of frailty during the Medical Gerontology Session.

As Medical Officer she is Pancyprian Coordinator of Blood Donation and Haemovigilance and is Responsible for the organization of Blood Banks all over Cyprus Hospitals in the public sector. She follows up the implementation of the EU Directives for Blood and Blood Components, manages the National focal point to the EDQM Committee of the Council of Europe, and is a Representative of the Competent Authority to the SANCO EU Blood Committee. She is also a Member of the National Committee of the Old Age.

Previously, Stala worked as Medical Officer at the Government Hospital for 11 years, since 1992. She was part of the Casualty Department and the Outpatients Department and promoted Prevention and Early Detection Programs to public.

Stala attended the Medical School of Athens University where she earned her Diploma in General Medicine. She was highly active while there and was a member of various groups, including as Vice President and a Volunteer Palliative Doctor to Home Care Services of the Pancyprian Association of Cancer Patients and Friends, Leader of Cancer Patients Self Support Group, a Member of European Association of Palliative Care (EAPC), and Representative of the Association to European Cancer Leagues (ECL).

In 1998, Stala earned her Post Graduate Diploma in General Medicine from Surrey University in United Kingdom. She earned her Diploma in Palliative Medicine from Cardiff University in Wales in 2000, and her Master’s Degree of Arts in the Public Sector from Cyprus International Institute of Management in 2009.

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