Advisory Board

Haroon B. Oqab, M.Eng.

Haroon B. Oqab, M.Eng. is an aeronautical engineering professional with an interest in propulsion physics relating to achieving interstellar distances. He is the President of Columbiad Launch Services, Director of Kepler Space Institute, and the Founder and CSO at August Interstellar Technologies. He also serves as the Executive Director at New Worlds Institute and Earthlight Foundation, and as Executive Officer and National Technical Program Manager at the Canadian Space Society.

Haroon is a Member of the Space Power Committee at the International Astronautical Federation, member of the Canadian Space Commerce Association, and member of Professional Engineers of Ontario, where he was also in the executive committee of the PEO Etobicoke Chapter for three years until January of 2018.

At Columbiad Launch Services, a commercial space launch company dedicated to providing low-cost access to space, he is developing a high-volume Industrial Sounding System based on gun propulsion technology. It was founded in January of 2017.

Haroon has been the Director at Kepler Space Institute (KSI) since April 2017. They are dedicated to providing educational programs, research solutions, and publications to the public, industry, and governmental organizations in support of continuing Space Exploration, Commercialization, and Colonization. Through their research, exploration, and development of space resources, KSI helps facilitate the expansion of human civilization from Earth into Space, with the primary goal of benefiting humans everywhere on Earth and beyond.

As the Founder and Chief Science Officer at August Interstellar Technologies, Haroon is dedicated to space exploration through research and development, education, and commercialization of innovative solutions. August Interstellar Technologies is a space infrastructure development company based in Toronto, Ontario.

Previously, Haroon was a Researcher at Robarts Research Institute, where he worked at Imaging Laboratories between 2010 and 2012. He also served as the EIS Program Manager for Enterprise in Space for three years, from 2015 until 2018.

Haroon is a graduate of The University of Western Ontario where he earned his Master of Engineering degrees in Mechanical and Materials Engineering (Automation Technologies and Systems) in 2014 and Electrical and Computer Engineering (Robotics and Control) in 2013.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Kinesiology in 2010 and Medical Biophysics (Physical Science Concentration) in 2012, both with Honors Specialization.

Haroon is a space advocate working out of Toronto, Ontario. He was Inspired by the Canadian contributions to human space exploration, the achievements of Project Apollo and the possibilities brought forth by the accomplishments of the interstellar Voyager spacecrafts. Haroon is interested in fully integrated spacecraft design with a particular focus on propulsion engineering, development of infrastructure supporting an interplanetary civilization, and advancement of technology for deep space exploration beyond the solar system.

Haroon was also among the invited speakers at Expanding Horizons 2014, a TSAA conference that emphasizes interdisciplinary developments in the aerospace sector. The conference featured a panel discussion on the subject of “The Effects of Aerospace on Society”, and the Space Education & Engagement Program Track Chair at the Annual International Space Development Conference in May 2015, Toronto, Canada.

He also participated at New World Conference Meet Up, where he discussed Space Standards in November 2018.

Read the Journal of Space Philosophy, published by Kepler Space Institute, where Haroon also contributes content. Visit his LinkedIn profile. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.