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Professor Byoung-Tak Zhang

Byoung-Tak Zhang, Ph.D. is Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Adjunct Professor of Cognitive Science, Brain Science, and Bioinformatics, Seoul National University.
How does the biological mind work? How does the brain build a model of the world to instantly and robustly act on it? What kinds of processing and organizational mechanisms allow the brain to learn so rapidly, flexibly, and continuously in a noisy, dynamic, and changing environment? How can we build smart machines that perceive, think, act, and learn like the human brain and mind? At Tak’s Biointelligence Lab and the Cognitive Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Center (CRAIC), he pursues these questions using diverse methods of cognitive modeling, computational neuroscience, robotics, and computer science.
Tak’s Journal Editorship

He coedited PRICAI 2010: Trends in Artificial Intelligence: 11th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Daegu, Korea and Intelligent and Evolutionary Systems. His papers include Overcoming catastrophic forgetting by incremental moment matching, Dual-memory neural networks for modeling cognitive activities of humans via wearable sensors, DeepStory: Video story QA by deep embedded memory networks, Hadamard product for low-rank bilinear pooling, Humans and machines in the evolution of AI in Korea, Multimodal residual learning for visual QA, and DeepSchema: Automatic schema acquisition from wearable sensor data in restaurant situations.
Tak earned his BSc in Computer Engineering at Seoul National University in 1986 and his MSc in Computer Engineering at Seoul National University in 1988. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Bonn in Bonn, Germany in 1992.
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