Advisory Board

Melanie Swan, MBA

Melanie Swan, MBA is the principal of MS Futures Group, and is a futurist and hedge fund manager based in Silicon Valley. Her educational background includes an MBA in Finance and Accounting from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a BA in French and Economics from Georgetown University and recent coursework in physics and computer science.
Melanie’s career has focused on finance, research, and entrepreneurship, including founding a technology startup company, GroupPurchase, which aggregated small business buying groups. She was Director of Research at Telecoms Consultancy RHK/Ovum and previously held management and finance positions at iPass in Silicon Valley, J.P. Morgan in New York, Fidelity in Boston and Arthur Andersen in Los Angeles.
She has served as an advisor and consultant to several technology companies and is active in the community promoting science, technology and opportunities for women. She delivers the Traders Pit simulation to groups including the Expanding Your Horizons math and science conference, is the former Treasurer of San Francisco-based non-profit Equal Rights Advocates, an Advisory Board member of the Accelerating Studies Foundation and co-moderator of the Philadelphia and Boulder Future Salons, free monthly events discussing science and technology innovations and their implications.
Melanie authored Markets 2.0: Social Finance. Affinity Capital, AIs let humans live over math problem, Improving science innovation, Alt approaches to AGI, End of religion, Cryonics and the art of the long view, Radical Life Extension and Population Growth, Wikinomics Ideagoras, This is a Transparent Society, Do bits want to be free?, Pace of Encephalization, Optimum size for intelligence, Historical Simulation Ethical Issues, Sims Sponsor Technological Advancement, and Postmodern Physics and Manifold Destiny.
She is cofounder of Sand Hill Angels. Read her blog! Watch her interview with Imagining the Internet: Elon University/Pew Internet Project.
Read her LinkedIn profile, her Facebook page, and her GitHub page. Follow her Twitter feed.