Advisory Board

Khaki Rodway, M.S.

Khaki Rodway, M.S. is engaged in Business Development at NanoRacks and is Cofounder of NewSpace NYC.
NanoRacks is proudly democratizing the utilization of the low-earth orbit region of space. They are an entrepreneurial company and were the first to market their own hardware and services onboard the International Space Station. By providing a commercial pathway to using the Space Station, they have helped usher in a new chapter of the space frontier: making space just another place to do business.
As a New Space Industry Business Development and Marketing Consultant, Khaki helps organizations attain a variety of goals. She focuses on understanding, communicating, and implementing innovative concepts while coordinating people, plans, and programs from across divergent sectors. She has ample experience managing, creating, and planning for operations, markets, and business development in high-performance environments.
Khaki’s past experience includes serving as Vice President of Client Development of Horne Creative Group, Business Development Director at Masten Space Systems, and Director of Payload Sales and Operations at XCOR Aerospace.
She is mentioned in Suborbital: Industry at the Edge of Space and has a publication on Liquid Oxygen/Liquid Methane Rocket Engine Development.
A graduate of Colombia University, she holds a Masters in Historic Preservation, and a Bachelors in Womens Studies, English Literature, and Journalism from Rutgers University.
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