Summer Growth Fundraiser

Update! — Peg Kay will triple all donations until October 10th!
We are launching our Summer Growth Fundraiser later than normal this year as we’ve been swamped working to complete some big projects.
Our donation form is after the summary of our activities.
Summary of current Lifeboat Foundation activities
1) The winner of our Dream Project contest is Teachers in Space. We funded three classroom experiments that flew aboard the Perlan II stratospheric glider which just set the world altitude record. The glider flew in Minden, Nevada which was the location of our headquarters!
The experiments flying with Perlan were from the Ashford School in Connecticut (dual geiger counter radiation level testing), Cazenovia School in New York (effects of radiation on plant seeds), and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (marshmallows at high altitude / low pressure). View details of these and of experiments flown in previous years.
Learn about our Dream Project contest. Read our official press release!
2) Lifeboat Foundation is now a Partner of the Conrad Challenge. The Conrad Challenge brings together a dynamic community of innovators and entrepreneurs driving a collaborative movement to develop extraordinary and viable solutions to benefit our world in one of five areas: Aerospace & Aviation, Cyber-Technology & Security, Energy & Environment, Health & Nutrition, and Smoke-Free World.
3) We are about to officially launch the paperback 2nd edition of Visions of the Future including its Kindle version. The 2nd edition of Prospects for Human Survival is now available as is the 4th edition of The Human Race to the Future along with its Kindle version.
We wish to thank J. Daniel Batt for his hard work in editing Visions of the Future and creating the covers for all three books. Kindle versions are available of all three books.
4) Additional books are Preparing for a World that Doesn’t Exist — Yet: Framing a Second Enlightenment to Create Communities of the Future, coauthored by our Rick Smyre; Space Traffic Control (Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics Series), authored by our Stuart Eves; Dance With The Desert, authored by our Ian Hale; Letters from the Dragon’s Lair; authored by our Ian Hale; The Insider’s Guide to Autism and Aspergers, authored by our Ian Hale; and State of the Future version 19.1, coauthored by our Jerome C. Glenn and Elizabeth Florescu.
5) Watch Why Existential Risks Matter & Decentralized Mitigation Strategies by our Allison Duettmann.
6) Want to listen to the latest updates from the Lifeboat Foundation on your Amazon Alexa-enabled device? Just add the “Lifeboat Foundation — Safeguarding Humanity” skill to your flash briefing through the Alexa app. You’ll get updates from both the Latest News and Blog sections of our website. Hear something interesting? Check the Alexa app for a card containing a link.
To enable our flash briefing skill,
Go to Settings > Flash Briefing.
Click Get more Flash Briefing content.
Search for “Lifeboat Foundation”, then click on the “Lifeboat Foundation — Safeguarding Humanity” skill. Click Enable Skill to add it to your flash briefing.
Learn more at
7) The Lifeboat Foundation now has the Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar, the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.
8) Recent Lifeboat Foundation conference support:
The 2018 Undoing Aging Conference was held March 15–17 in Berlin. This conference is focused on the cellular and molecular repair of age-related damage as the basis of therapies to bring aging under full medical control. It is a joint effort of the SENS Research Foundation and the Forever Healthy Foundation. Our Aubrey de Grey, Vera Gorbunova, and Jean Hébert spoke.
Age and Longevity in the 21st Century: Science, Policy, and Ethics was held in New York City April 13–15. Our Didier Coeurnelle, Aubrey de Grey, and Ana Lita spoke/participated.
The 34th Space Symposium was held April 16–19 in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA. The Space Symposium is the premier global, commercial, civil, military, and emergent space conference. Our Masseh Tahiry, Dylan Taylor, and Rick Tumlinson spoke.
31st Clinical Neuroscience and Neurogenetics Conference: Mobilizing Neurons to Rehabilitate will be held August 13–14 in Dubai, UAE. Our Howard Federoff and George Perry will be speaking.
AGI-18 will be held August 22–25 in Prague, Czech Republic. This conference gathers an international group of leading academic and industry researchers involved in scientific and engineering work aimed directly toward the goal of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).
Our Joscha Bach, Antonio Chella, Haris Dindo, Stan Franklin, Ben Goertzel, Bill Hibbard, Marcus Hutter, Matthew Iklé, Garrett Katz, Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, John Licato, Alexey Potapov, Rafal Rzepka, Ricardo Sanz, Leslie Smith, Bas Steunebrink, Julian Togelius, Viktoras Veitas, Pei Wang, and Byoung-Tak Zhang will be speaking/participating.
RAADfest 2018 will be held September 20–23 in San Diego, California. This is the largest event in the world where practical and cutting-edge methods to reverse aging are presented for all interest levels, from beginner to expert.
Our Michael Borkin, José Cordeiro, Greg Fahy, Bill Faloon, Aubrey de Grey, Terry Grossman, David Kekich, Randal Koene, Ray Kurzweil, Jim Mellon, Liz Parrish, Marco Ruggiero, Brad Thompson, Neal Van De Ree, Natasha Vita-More, and Jean Weidmann will be speaking/participating.
TransVision Madrid 2018 will be held October 19–21 in Madrid, Spain. Our Didier Coeurnelle, José Luis Cordeiro, Felipe Debasa, Rodolfo Goya, Aubrey de Grey, João Pedro de Magalhães, Ben Goertzel, Michael Greve, Charlie Kam, David Pearce, Ramón Risco Delgado, Anders Sandberg, Natasha Vita-More, and Ibon Zugasti will be speaking/participating.
9) The 2017 Lifeboat Foundation Guardian Award has been given to Joseph N. Pelton in recognition of his lifelong dedication to advance the science of space safety and cosmic hazards prevention for the greater good of humankind.
Furthermore, in addition to his academic writings he has tirelessly pursued the education of the general public about the threats to humanity that can come from solar storms, comets and asteroids, and orbital debris.
10) The Lifeboat Foundation mourns Lifeboat Foundation 2008 Guardian Award Winner Stephen Hawking’s death with a special press release.
Stephen Hawking was born on the 300th anniversary of Galileo’s death. He has come to be thought of as the greatest mind in physics since Albert Einstein. With similar interests — discovering the deepest workings of the universe — he has been able to communicate arcane matters not just to other physicists but to the general public.
As the Lifeboat Foundation 2008 Guardian Award Winner, Stephen Hawking showed that by using critical-thinking skills, we can learn about global catastrophic risks and use this knowledge to save the human race from extinction. Read Hawking quotes!
Read Stephen Hawking — An Appreciation by our Martin Rees.
11) Do you have a project that would benefit from the advice and input of our advisory board members? If so, send an email with the subject “Lifeboat Foundation Projects” to [email protected]
Our goal is to raise $25,000.
Help us meet our goal so we can “flower” this summer!

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