Advisory Board

Jean Weidmann

Jean Weidmann is an advocate for leading biotechnology and medical breakthroughs, public awareness and education and bringing to market cutting edge therapies that provide solutions for life threatening diseases and illnesses, anti-aging, and age reversal. She is a radical life extension activist and supports super longevity.

She is RAADcity Coordinator for RAADfest. Additionally she is a consultant on a number of projects to support their execution and success through the NAD Treatment Center. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme found in all living cells. Cellular NAD+ concentrations change during aging, and modulation of NAD+ usage or production can prolong both healthspan and lifespan.

NAD+ therapy has a crucial role in age reversal benefits, addiction recovery, and chronic condition symptom reduction. NAD+ has been observed to decline with age and thus hinders the natural repair mechanisms within the cell.

Jean is Founder of Encore Massage Education. She brings more than 18 years experience in the fields of bodywork, stone massage, aromatherapy, and energy work to her role as founder and master educator.

She began teaching at massage schools in 1996. As an instructor for LaStone Therapy, she was instrumental in launching this “new” modality nationwide. Over the years she has taught more than 100 classes at numerous resorts, spas, and schools. She was invited to bring LaStone Therapy to the country of Israel.

She has appeared on Good Morning Arizona Channel 3, and has been written up in Travel & Leisure magazine, Spa Magazine, and featured in other spa-related articles. Notably, she received an award from Southwest Institute for Healing Arts for Outstanding Achievement in classroom excellence and scoring consistently high ratings in student evaluations.

She has held many positions in the spa industry as a Massage Therapist Supervisor, Spa Director, Sales Rep and Product Trainer, and Practitioner.

Jean earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications at University of California in Santa Barbara.

In 2015 she transitioned into the Biotechnology field, expanding her knowledge about the human body. She volunteered as an Organizer at BRINK Institute, where she was part of an organizational team to launch Brink2015, a forum of over 40 of the world’s leaders, futurists, and innovators in bioscience and technology.

Jean joined Bioscience Americas as Senior Investor Relations. Bioscience Americas is a leading developer of autologous, or adult, stem cell treatment centers, formed to bring stem cell based regeneration and rejuvenation treatment to patients throughout the world. She left the company to focus on promoting life extension at the Coalition for Radical Life Extension as a RAADcity Coordinator.

Visit her LinkedIn profile and her Facebook page. Check out her webpage Encore.