Advisory Board

Professor Ricardo Sanz

Ricardo Sanz, Ph.D. is Professor in systems engineering and automatic control and researcher in the field of autonomous systems at the Autonomous Systems Laboratory.
His main research interest is on architectures for intelligent control systems, being involved in research lines on software technologies for complex, distributed controllers, real-time artificial intelligence, and cognitive systems and philosophical aspects of intelligent control systems.
He is chairman of the IFAC Technical Committee on Computers and Control and coordinator of the UPM Autonomous Systems Laboratory research group. He has been associate editor of the IEEE Control Systems Magazine, chairman of the OMG Control Systems working group and member of the IPC of many international conferences on control, computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, and cognitive science.
Ricardo authored Intelligence, Control, and the Artificial Mind and CORBA for Control Systems, coauthored Principles for Consciousness in Integrated Cognitive Control, Fridges, Elephants, and the Meaning of Autonomy and Intelligence, Progressive Domain Focalization in Intelligent Control Systems, Trends in Software and Control, A Rationale and Vision for Machine Consciousness in Complex Controllers, A Real-Time Agent System Perspective of Meaning and Sapience, Reverse-engineering Mammalian Brains for Building Complex Integrated Controllers, and Control Inteligente, and coedited Control of Complex Systems. Read the full list of his publications!
Ricardo earned a degree in Industrial/Electrical Engineering in 1987 and a Ph.D. in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in 1990, both from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain. Since 1991 he has been member of the Department of Automatic Control and Industrial Electronics of this university.
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