Advisory Board

Allison Duettmann, M.S.

Allison Duettmann, M.S. is part of the Foresight Institute Team and Co-Producer of TEDx Echo Park. The most recent paper she coauthored is Cyber, Nano, and AGI Risks: Decentralized Approaches to Reducing Risks.
Allison is interested in applying good philosophy to guide disruptive technologies toward the long-term flourishing of sentient life. She holds a Summa Cum Laude MS from the London School of Economics, where she specialized in risk management for Artificial General Intelligence. She hosted and planned TEDx, panels, workshops, exhibitions, debates, and conferences for governments, companies, think tanks, NGOs, and the public in Germany, France, Colombia, the UK, and the US.
At Foresight Institute she conducts research, authors reports, and hosts invitational technical meetings, external workshops, and public salons. Current research focus is Existential Hope, i.e. creating positive long-term pathways for humanity, and the reduction of Existential Risks, especially macro strategy, AI safety, and cybersecurity.
She was previously Analyst at Z_punkt The Foresight Company, Analyst at Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp, Research Assistant at The Institute of Ideas, and Policy Analyst at the Government of Medellin, Colombia.
Allison earned her B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of York in 2014. She earned her Summa Cum Laude MS from the London School of Economics, in her 1st class dissertation she used natural language processing (NLP) to construct a moral framework for Artificial General Intelligence.
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