2017 Guardian Award

Joseph N. Pelton Named 2017 Lifeboat Foundation Guardian Award Winner

The 2017 Lifeboat Foundation Guardian Award has been given to Joseph N. Pelton in recognition of his lifelong dedication to advance the science of space safety and cosmic hazards prevention for the greater good of humankind. Furthermore, in addition to his academic writings he has tirelessly pursued the education of the general public about the threats to humanity that can come from solar storms, comets and asteroids, and orbital debris.
Joe pioneered the idea of the creation of LAPSE (The Lagrangian Protector against Solar Ejection), an electromagnetic shield to be deployed at L-1 to mitigate the effects of the Earth’s diminishing natural shielding provided by the Earth’s magnetosphere. He has, along with Dr. Jim Green of NASA, advocated this novel concept to shield the planet Mars so that the Red Planet could develop an atmosphere.
He recently collaborated with Professor Ram Jakhu of McGill University to co-edit a fundamentally important new book regarding Global Space Governance that addresses such key regulatory issues as minimization of orbital space, coping with cosmic hazards and planetary defense, and environmental protections related to outer space activities. This trailblazing initiative was well received by many experts from spacefaring nations and recently helped him to earn the distinguished Leonardo da Vinci Space Safety Award for Lifetime Achievement, the highest accolade of the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety.