Advisory Board

Kai-Uwe Kühnberger

Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, Ph.D. is Professor for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Osnabrück.
Kai-Uwe is interested in logic, algebraic and coalgebraic methods, theory of neural networks, theory of anti-unification, heuristic-driven theory projection, and information theory. Applications he is interested in are: ontology design, analogical reasoning, neural-symbolic integration, knowledge representation, (non-classical) inferences, natural language semantics, natural language processing, ICALL systems, and philosophical foundations of AI.
He coauthored Learning Symbolic Inferences with Neural Networks, Ontological Aspects of Computing Analogies, Explaining Effective Learning by Analogical Reasoning, Aspects of Automatic Ontology Extension: Adapting and Regeneralizing Dynamic Updates, An Algebraic Framework for Solving Proportional and Predictive Analogies, Feature Constraint Logic and Error Detection in ICALL Systems, Automatic Ontology Extension: Resolving Inconsistencies, Solving Predictive Analogy Tasks with Anti-Unification, Using Gestalt Principles to Compute Analogies of Geometric Figures, and Sustainability of Text-Technological Resources.
Kai-Uwe earned his Ph.D. with the thesis Formal Frameworks for Circular Phenomena. Possibilities of Modeling Pathological Expressions in Formal and Natural Languages at Universität Tübingen, Germany in 2001.
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