Advisory Board

Alan S. Ziegler, J.D.

Alan S. Ziegler, J.D. is Of Counsel at Sweeney Lev LLP, Counsel at Brain Preservation Foundation, and Director and Counsel at Institute of New Dimensions.
Alan brought to Sweeney Lev broad business experience, having served as General Counsel and Secretary to Intelligroup, Inc., a firm specializing in computer software and internet software development, Senior Attorney to Sony Corporation of America, and Divisional Counsel to Control Data Corporation. He also maintained his own practice in New Jersey and Connecticut, providing in-house on-site legal services to a number of businesses, and was an Employment Law Specialist for Newark Legal Services, as well as the Director and Supervising Attorney for a New Jersey Bar Association prison law project. He was previously associated with the law firm Carpenter, Bennett & Morrissey and served as legal clerk for Judge Levitt of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and as law secretary to Justice Handler of the New Jersey Supreme Court.
Alan has represented diverse business entities, ranging from startups and venture capital limited liability companies to mature business organizations, handling domestic and international distribution, supply and other manufacturing arrangements, software development and licensing, and system and software purchases, licenses, and ERP implementations. He was president of the Yale Law School Alumni Association of New Jersey and a director of the Institute of New Dimensions, where he periodically lectures on legal issues arising from emerging technologies. He provided presentations and participated as a panelist at international conferences on the topic of the regulation of nanotechnology and biotechnology, during his incumbency as a director of the Converging Technologies Bar Association. He also authored an American Bar Association monograph on the provision of legal services to prisoners.
His current focus is the interaction of law with the increasing pace of technologically driven change He also advises nonprofit scientific, educational and recreational organizations. In 2010 he became an adviser to and then incorporated the Brain Preservation Foundation as a tax exempt organization. As a Director of the Institute of New Dimensions, an active member of the NJ Chapter of the World Future Society and Humanity+, and as a former Director of the Converging Technologies Bar Association, he has participated in conferences and workshops where he has been giving presentations and lectures on legal issues arising from emerging technologies. He has also acted as a guest lecturer in graduate level courses at Ramapo College.
His most recent mainstream publication is the final chapter, entitled “Regulation: Threat to Converging Technologies” in Progress in Convergence: Technologies for Human Wellbeing, Volume 1093 of the Annals of the New York Academy of Science.
Alan is a graduate of Yale Law School (J.D. 1972).
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