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Feb 18, 2023

How business is already using ChatGPT and other AI Tech

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Since its launch in November by San Francisco-based OpenAI, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. The conversational chatbot can code, write essays, and even function as a search engine, among other tasks.

But this isn’t some futuristic vision of what ChatGPT will do. The business world has already bought in when it comes to AI in general, and ChatGPT in particular.

“It can create anything that we thought thus far was unique to human intelligence or creativity, whether that is interacting with us in a chatbot form, whether that is generating new content, whether it’s images, video,” Nina Schick, adviser, speaker, and A.I. thought leader, recently told Yahoo Finance.

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Feb 18, 2023

Role and Power of Women in Ancient Egypt

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Not only were women in ancient Egypt responsible for the nurturance and admonition of children, but they could also work at a trade, own and operate a business, inherit property, and come out well in divorce proceedings. Some women of the working class even became prosperous. They trained in medicine as well as in other highly skilled endeavors. There were female religious leaders in the priesthood, but in this instance, they were not equal to the men. In ancient Egypt, women could buy jewelry and fine linens. At times, they ruled as revered queens or pharaohs.

The role of women in ancient Egypt diminished during the late dynastic period but reappeared within the Ptolemaic dynasty. Both Ptolemy I and II put the portraits of their wives on the coins. Cleopatra VII became a very powerful figure internationally. However, after her death, the role of women receded markedly and remained virtually subservient until the 20th century.

Feb 18, 2023

What is GPT-3? Everything your business needs to know about OpenAI’s breakthrough AI language program

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A software program that ingests gigabytes of text can automatically generate whole paragraphs so natural they sound like a person wrote them. OpenAI’s GPT-3 is all the rage. What is it, what can it do, and where is it going?

Feb 18, 2023

AI and the Transformation of the Human Spirit

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A second problem is the risk of technological job loss. This is not a new worry; people have been complaining about it since the loom, and the arguments surrounding it have become stylized: critics are Luddites who hate progress. Whither the chandlers, the lamplighters, the hansom cabbies? When technology closes one door, it opens another, and the flow of human energy and talent is simply redirected. As Joseph Schumpeter famously said, it is all just part of the creative destruction of capitalism. Even the looming prospect of self-driving trucks putting 3.5 million US truck drivers out of a job is business as usual. Unemployed truckers can just learn to code instead, right?

Those familiar replies make sense only if there are always things left for people to do, jobs that can’t be automated or done by computers. Now AI is coming for the knowledge economy as well, and the domain of humans-only jobs is dwindling absolutely, not merely morphing into something new. The truckers can learn to code, and when AI takes that over, coders can… do something or other. On the other hand, while technological unemployment may be long-term, its problematicity might be short-term. If our AI future is genuinely as unpredictable and as revolutionary as I suspect, then even the sort of economic system we will have in that future is unknown.

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Feb 17, 2023

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

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In collaboration with the UC San Diego Center for Integrative Nutrition, the Berry Good Food Foundation convenes a panel of experts to discuss the rise of comprehensive medicine and nutritional healing to treat chronic disease and maintain general well-being. [6/2018] [Show ID: 33486]

Future Thought Leaders.

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Feb 16, 2023

How to Build a $5 Billion Business Around a Single Pain Point

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Fivetran has scaled, in part, by narrowing its original focus.

Feb 16, 2023

Qualcomm takes wraps off world’s first advanced-ready 5G modem-RF chip

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On Wednesday, Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) unveiled the semiconductor industry’s first advanced-ready 5G modem-RF chip that can be used not only in smartphones, but mixed reality headsets, 5G networks and other areas.

Led by CEO Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm (QCOM) said the Snapdragon X75 5G Modem-RF chip utilizes artificial intelligence thats two-and-a-half times faster than previous AI used and better software to bring faster connections to devices, while also allowing them to get better signal strength, data speed and coverage.

Qualcomm (QCOM) added that the chips can also be used in vehicles, an increasing component of the company’s business, as well as PCs, factories and fixed wireless access networks.

Feb 16, 2023

Ep. 124: How can companies stay innovative?

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Alex Goryachev is the former managing director of Cisco’s global Co-Innovation Center, where he spearheaded programs and initiatives to accelerate innovation. He is a Silicon Valley veteran who is a sought-after speaker on innovation and is often referred to as the ‘innovation therapist’.

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Feb 16, 2023

Healthy fast food start up takes on the McDonald’s empire

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In an attempt to radically alter the fast food industry, one Los Angeles based business is serving up healthy fast food at the same low cost as competitors like McDonald’s and Burger King.

The people at Everytable believe that healthy food isn’t a luxury product to be enjoyed by the most affluent, but rather, it is a human right that should be accessible to all. So they came up with a unique business model that enables them to provide cheap healthy food in low-income communities and food deserts.

Feb 16, 2023

Dynatrace strengthens observability intelligence with AutomationEngine, Grail updates

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Check out all the on-demand sessions from the Intelligent Security Summit here.

Massachusetts-headquartered Dynatrace, which provides an intelligence layer to monitor and optimize application development, performance and security, today announced key updates for its core platform, including a new AutomationEngine that enables teams to streamline monitoring and other activity across a variety of workflows.

Developers, security specialists, operations personnel and even business users can tap into the platform. The company made the announcement at its annual cloud observability conference in Las Vegas.

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