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Help us fund interactive Friendly AI research!


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Jan 19, 2020

Lifeboat Foundation has contributed 16,732,334 Cobblestones of computation (14.46 quintillion floating-point operations) to [email protected] since joining this effort on January 27, 2008.
Donate the unused CPU cycles on your computer(s) to help scientists determine the 3-dimensional shapes of proteins in research that may ultimately lead to finding cures for some major human diseases. By running the Rosetta program on your computer while you don’t need it you will help speed up and extend research in ways scientists couldn’t possibly attempt without your help. You will also be helping efforts at designing new proteins to fight diseases such as HIV, malaria, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.
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Jan 10, 2020

Lifeboat Foundation mourns the passing of Mike Resnick who fought to “Safeguard Humanity” until the end.
Mike was the all-time leading award winner, living or dead, for short fiction. He won 5 Hugos (from a record 37 nominations), a Nebula, and other major awards in the USA, France, Japan, Spain, Catalonia, Croatia, Poland, and China. He’s the author of 78 novels, 280 stories, and 3 screenplays, and the editor of 42 anthologies. His work has been translated into 27 languages. He was also editor of Galaxy’s Edge magazine until the end of his life.

Dec 31, 2019

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Dec 31, 2019

The 2020 International Conference on Future Africa will be held April 21–23 at the University of Rwanda.
The theme of the conference is “Compliance to Global Sustainability” and will be offering sessions regarding Climate Change, Renewable Energies, Internet of Things, Futurism, Transhumanism, Neuroscience, Biotech, International Politics, Digital Leadership/Business, and much more.
Our Didier Coeurnelle, Alejandro De la Parra Solomon, Ósìnàkáchì Ákùmà Kálù, Anthony Kimery, Doris Ngozi Morah, Ira Pastor, and Ilia Stambler will be participating/speaking. The Lifeboat Foundation is one of the hosts of this event.

Dec 31, 2019

The Lifeboat Foundation Guardian Award is annually bestowed upon a respected scientist or public figure who has warned of a future fraught with dangers and encouraged measures to prevent them.
The 2019 Lifeboat Foundation Guardian Award has been given to Jill Tarter in recognition of her 40 years spent in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Jill’s goal is to learn if there are any alien intelligences outside of our “fragile island of life”.
There are real dangers that could stop civilizations from moving forward and the human race is not guaranteed to survive. As Jill says, “If technologies don’t last and persist, we will not succeed.”
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Cities in Space 2020 will be held February 28, 2020 in Austin, Texas.
Our Janet Ivey and Rick Tumlinson will be speaking. Our Holly Melear is organizing this conference. Learn more!

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