Naval Operations Meeting

We would like your support with our important U.S. Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group (SSG) meeting on November 6 in San Francisco.
In addition to our local San Francisco people, we would like to fly in personnel from Nevada and from Tenerife, one of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. This will enable us to bring our best people to this important meeting. Due to the Tenerife personnel being quite far from the meeting, it will cost $2,500 to fly in all these personnel.
Please note that not only will your donation help strengthen our cause, currently backed by 5,410 donors, it will enable us to see how important you think it is for us to interact and advise government agencies on the possible dangers in our future.
Excess monies will be used for future travel expenses to meet with government and/or UN officials.

We received a letter that said:
Dear Mr. Klien,
I am Science Advisor for the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group (SSG) and would like to see if a small Group of SSG members could meet you and other members of the Lifeboat Foundation in San Francisco early in November.
Each year, the CNO selects nine senior level officers to participate in a fellowship at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. These officers are selected as the future leaders of the military and include 7 Navy Captains, 1 Marine Colonel and 1 Coast Guard Captain. In addition, 12 junior level officers are also selected to participate. The SSG also has 12 scientists and technologists and one science advisor. The Group is lead by ADM James Hogg (US Navy retired). The SSG is directed by and reports solely to the CNO ADM Mullen and is responsible for generating revolutionary naval warfare concepts. Please see the attached copies of some of our materials for your review. FYI- We do not yet have our theme for this year.
Part of the development of the SSG team is to have discussions with prominent leaders in technology, industry, academia and government. The goal is to apply this knowledge to improve the ability to think innovatively and develop concepts for an improved Navy and Maritime Forces.
We would appreciate the opportunity to gain insights into the activities of the Lifeboat Foundation and have discussion about different programs you have to help “safeguard humanity.” We are especially interested in how you identify and mitigate risks associated with future technological developments. Please advise a time when I can call to speak with you in this regard. Thank you for your consideration.
v/r Robb
Dr. Robb Wilcox
Science Advisor
Chief of Naval Operations
Strategic Studies Group
Naval War College

You can see the attached files Dr. Wilcox referred to at and

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