Advisory Board

Matthew L. McGuirl, CISSP

Matthew L. McGuirl, CISSP is Systems Engineer for Juniper Networks, Inc. His prime focus at Juniper Networks is on helping enterprises, government agencies and universities design and deploy secure high-performance data networks.
His Cyber Defense Magazine article “Castles Were a Great Idea Too” said:

“The traditional approach of building walls around our networks is not working. Trying to use old tools and methods are failing miserably and costing billions while doing so. In its time, gunpowder was a very disruptive technology. Its application in warfare was a strategic inflection point that ended the viability of the castle as a military building. The use by hackers of powerful automated attack software is also a strategic inflection point. After only a few decades of manually probing networks for weaknesses and attempting to exploit each weakness one at a time, hackers have adapted. Their tools and methodologies now leverage every possible advantage for maximum gain.”

Prior to joining Juniper Networks, Matt served as the Lead Consulting Engineer at Lucid Security. While at Lucid he helped develop and bring to market ipANGEL. ipANGEL is the world’s only self-tuning Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). ipANGEL remains the only IPS to automatically integrate detailed information about the vulnerability state of the systems it protects. In 2006 Lucid Security was acquired by AmbironTrustWave. He is a member of the Information Systems Security Association and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional in good standing.
His professional interests include information security economics, building scalable and durable networks that are easily defended and educating people about the ever changing technological landscape.
Matt is an innately curious entrepreneur, devoted husband, and doting father. It is his desire to see those relationships flourish for centuries to come that drives him to work to ensure humanity safely emerge from the dangerous times we are now in.
His other interests include golf, reading nearly anything, and politics.