Advisory Board

Dr. Chris Mason

Chris Mason, MBBS, Ph.D., FRCS is an international expert on the translational and commercial aspects of regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and stem cell technologies. He is based at the Stem Cell + Regenerative Medicine Bioprocessing Unit, Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering, University College London.
Chris is at the forefront of the emerging field of stem cell and regenerative medicine bioprocessing plus is involved in a number of committees, networks, scientific advisory boards, editorial boards, working groups, and initiatives related to the academic, clinical, and commercial advancement of stem cells and tissue engineering.
Originally graduating from Imperial College with a degree in molecular biology and the St. Thomas Hospital Medical School with a medical degree, Chris then specialized in surgery. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. In addition, he earned a PhD in Biochemical Engineering under the supervision of Professor Peter Dunnill (UCL). He coordinates the Stem Cell + Regenerative Medicine (“RegenMed”) Bioprocess Group at UCL (a team of 20 researchers) and has broad range of expertise in commercial consultancy. Furthermore, he has over 10 years of experience at the boardroom level of running technology companies.
Chris is also cofounder and co-organizer (with our Stephen Minger) of the London Regenerative Medicine Network (LRMN), on the Editorial Boards of the journals Regenerative Medicine, Nanomedicine, Medical Device Technology, and Tissue Engineering, Mission Leader of the DTI funded Global Watch Mission “Advanced Cell & Tissue Therapies” which visited to the West Coast of North America in September 2006, and a member of the Steering Committee for the UK National Stem Cell Network (UKNSCN).
He authored Regenerative Medicine — The Industry Comes of Age, Regenerative Medicine 2.0, and A Blueprint for the Future, and coauthored A brief definition of regenerative medicine, Lessons for the nascent regenerative medicine industry from the biotech sector, Good for UK health and wealth, International community consensus standard for reporting derivation of human embryonic stem cell lines, Mapping the human embryome: 1 to 10e13 and all the cells in between, Translational Regenerative Medicine Research: Essential to Discovery and Outcome, and Proposal for a universal minimum information convention for the reporting on the derivation of human embryonic stem cell lines.
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