WorldFuture 2012

WorldFuture 2012 Urban Adventure by Lifeboat Foundation

Lifeboat Foundation invites you to a Speed-Networking Bull-Session Improvisational Urban Adventure at WorldFuture 2012. You can learn about WorldFuture 2012 at
This adventure will provide an opportunity to meet other Lifeboat members on Saturday, July 28, from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. At this time, the conference schedule shows a dinner break where you are on your own. (The original schedule showed a dinner break from 5:30 to 7, but the BetaLaunch introductions have been moved up.) We will offer the opportunity to meet other Lifeboat members, eat, talk, and explore part of Toronto. The event is improvisational because we will have to adapt to real time conditions that cannot be anticipated.
We will meet up at 5:30 pm at Tim Horton's at 360 Bay Street, a lunch-counter-level coffee shop in an office building a few blocks from the conference hotel. James Blodgett, our air traffic controller for the event, will give the first 30 Lifeboat members to arrive a $2 Tim Horton's "Tim Card" that will let you buy a coffee, or supplement with your own money to buy more than that, while waiting for others to arrive. Tim Horton's will be mainly the meet-up point. A serendipitous mixture of good conversation and empty seats in Tim Horton's might motivate some to stay there, but we anticipate that others will drink their coffee and go elsewhere. includes a Lifeboat name badge and icons you can attach to indicate whether you need to get back for the BetaLaunch, how much you want to spend for dinner, whether you would like to look at an interesting urban park across the street from the conference hotel, and a topic in which you are interested. Participants will be asked to choose up groups of six or so based on these badges and on whatever other factors seem relevant. These groups will proceed to independent adventures to be chosen based on group preferences and on the immediate situation, i.e. the weather, whether Tim Horton's is crowded, what looks interesting down the street, etc. Group dynamics are part of the adventure. Participants will be on their own for the rest of the hour.
Those who can miss BetaLaunch and would like to go, at their own expense, to an impressive and expensive restaurant that requires reservations and takes time to appreciate the experience may RSVP to James Blodgett, [email protected] by July 16. He will try to arrange 6:15 pm reservations (to accommodate those who also want to meet others at Tim Horton's at 5:30) at Nota Bene, a restaurant that is a few blocks from the conference hotel. Menus are available at Reviews are available on their website and via Google.