Advisory Board

John F. Meagher, CIH

John F. Meagher, CIH is past President of the Washington Chapter of the World Future Society, Manassas, Virginia, USA.
John is a Strategic Planner & Consultant and is also an Environmental Health and Safety Manager. (EH&S). He specializes in forecasting and strategic planning, problem analysis and resolution, program and training development, regulatory compliance, cost reduction, cross-functional collaboration, and performance evaluation.
He recently completed working as an independent environmental, health, and safety consultant with a primary client in the water/hydrogeology business. His work involves developing new risk reduction procedures with the Corporate Director of Health and Safety for the firm encompassing all areas of occupational and environmental health.
John’s recent volunteer work has included multiple-day panel workshop participation with Professor Leon Fuerth’s Anticipatory Governance Project at the National Defense University (Mar 2001–present) with the goal of improving intra government foresight and responsive policy to long-term national needs and priorities. He participated in seminars with the George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute on various topics from biosecurity to homeland terrorism.
He holds patent Human Cancer Virtual Simulation System.
John earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Kent State University and his Associate of Applied Science in Chemical Technology at the University of Akron. He has Top Secret Department of Defense Security Clearance.