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    $38,738.71 + $896.16 composed of 4.87433691 bitcoins; 1.144172 CrytogenicBullion; .01 litecoins; 100 moneros; 115,999.8 nobelcoins; .825038 peercoins; and 125 solarcoins to Bitcoin Endowment Fund for $45,758.45 total ($9,745 pledged – Includes one Active Economy membership, one Executive membership, one LF-500 membership, and one A-500 membership).
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  • Michael Abramowicz
    $100 joined 10/31/11.
  • Chris Abani
    $100 joined 12/28/08.
  • Frank C. Adamek
    $425 (Active Executive membership) joined 07/04/09.

    “The generations of humanity do not get to choose the troubles and dangers that assail them; their only choice is whether and how to meet those dangers. Technological progress is reaching a critical point, smashing through the conventional boundaries between what humans were or were not capable of, thrusting into our trembling hands the radically enhanced power to both destroy ourselves and to remake our world and very beings.
    This situation cannot continue for any great length of time, and if we cannot seize hold of this power to create a safer and more positive world then we seemed destined to permanent disability or death. No generation before us has shouldered such responsibility, and if we act with wisdom and foresight it may be that no future generation will have to. If so we are the most critical generation that ever has been or will be, uniquely positioned to determine the fate of life in our corner of the universe for potentially millions of years, and we must act accordingly.”

  • Kemal Akman
    $30 joined 10/13/07.
  • Zeresenay "Zeray" Alemseged
    $25 joined 10/26/07.
  • Algebra HomeWork
    $2 joined 01/11/10.

    “Great work by Lifeboat.”

  • Mark Alley
    $40 joined 12/14/12.
  • James B. Allen
    $10 composed of 0.01204805 bitcoins to Bitcoin Endowment Fund joined 11/25/13.
  • All Family Law Group
    $1 joined 07/22/15.
  • John Amaretto
    $10 joined 11/05/14.

    “Technology is both wonderful and scary, depending on what it’s being used for and who’s using it. Keep up the good work!”

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  • Bertram & Amell
    $1 joined 10/01/15.
  • Ronald Amos
    $90 joined 08/30/08.
  • C M Anderson
    $800 joined 10/29/07.
  • Michael L. Anderson
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  • Arlan Andrews, Sr.
    $25 joined 10/26/07.
  • Michael Anissimov
    $4,675 + $100 to A-PRIZE for $4,775 total ($20,325 pledged – Active Lifeboat 500 membership) joined 11/01/06.

    “If humanity goes extinct, not only will the possibilities of extreme life extension, sophisticated nanotechnology, intelligence enhancement, and space expansion never bear fruit, but everyone we know will be dead, never to come back. Because we have so much to lose, mitigative strategies are worth investing in even if our estimated probability of disaster is extremely low. The Lifeboat Foundation is leading the pack in this area.”

  • Apphac
    $1 joined 10/12/14.
  • ApplianceSmart
    $5 joined 04/21/14.

    “Glad to support a great cause.”

  • Alexis Armstrong
    $6.03 joined 09/12/08.

    “If a ten-year-old can donate, then what is the excuse of you adults?”

  • Lexi and Bailey Armstrong
    $1 joined 03/19/10.

    “As a mother in Sims 3, I realize that if all life on Earth was destroyed, then my precious Bailey would no longer exist. Please support the Lifeboat Foundation to prevent this from happening."
    "I am proud to be part of the first Sims 3 family to support the Lifeboat Foundation. Look at Bailey’s photo timeline!”

  • Coco Veera Heath Armstrong
    $1 joined 07/09/12.

    “Only the cutiest puppies donate to Lifeboat.”

  • Mary Armstrong, 3453 Cody Road, Cazenovia, NY 13035
    $15 joined 08/22/08.

    “Attention, please! We have to work together to save our planet.
    Learn to be a minimalist. Be efficient in all you do. Drive a small or hybrid car. Live in a cozy house (under 1,400 square feet). Have only one or two children or adopt a child who’s in need of a loving family.
    If everyone in the United States lived by the simple ideas expressed here, we would not need to import foreign oil or lose our young people in needless wars.
    Perhaps, if we’re lucky, our precious, one-of-a-kind planet will begin to heal.”

  • Mulege Armstrong
    $1.02 joined 09/27/09.

    “I’m the world’s cutest dog!"

    "Learn about my fight with bone cancer.”

  • Roxy Armstrong
    $1 joined 09/27/09.

    “Either donate or fill up my food bowl. Thank you.”

  • Steve Armstrong
    $3 joined 07/26/11.

    “I love protecting nature and our environment.”

  • Sonia Arrison
    $500 joined 02/19/09.
  • Catherine Asaro
    $145 joined 12/26/11.

    “Best wishes with all your good work.”

  • Henry B. Augustine
    $8 joined 08/28/13.

    “Lifeboat Foundation is like S.H.I.E.L.D. from The Avengers. I believe in its integrity and evolutionary purpose and I am proud and humbled to be a part of this adventure.”

    $20 joined 05/16/11.
  • Brandon K. Bailey
    $11 joined 09/23/06.

    “Check out my blogs Robotic Future News and The Singularity.”

  • Matt Bamberger
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  • Aaron Balogun
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  • John A. Barnden
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  • Lale Basarir
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  • Paul M. Battista
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  • Eric B. Baum
    $50 joined 12/14/12.
  • Eric Bauswell
    $2,845 ($22,155 pledged – Active Lifeboat 500 membership) joined 10/18/07.
  • Bennie M. Beaver
    $25 joined 12/31/10.

    “Twelfth grader’s Web Page Dr. Warpenstein’s Science and society -The Lifeboat Foundation represents hope for safeguarding the future of humanity.-”

  • Donna Beck
    $6 joined 06/14/07.
  • Bee English Dictionary
    $20 joined 05/03/10.

    “Let’s hope these small amounts add up to a big number.”

  • Danny Belkin
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  • Abraham Ben-David
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  • Jacqueline Karma Bennett
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  • Loren Bergeson
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  • Daniel Berleant
    $25 to Bitcoin Endowment Fund joined 04/27/13.

    “Together, we can improve the future.”

  • Santiago Bilinkis
    $800 joined 12/01/10.

    “Always a pleasure! Keep up the great work of keeping us all safe!”

  • Parsel Bilir
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  • Carson Bizon
    $40 joined 10/27/11.

    “One of the best websites and blogs of all things on the Internet. The Lifeboat Foundation is an important endeavor. The people on the advisory boards are most impressive. I come here for the quality writing and content on all things interesting.”

  • Sarah Black
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  • Don V. Black
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  • James Blodgett
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  • Jeff Bone/Topsight Fund
    $28,695.59 (Active Patron membership) + $48.20 to Bitcoin Endowment Fund composed of 2 bitcoins for $28,743.79 total joined 07/02/10.
  • Kim Botham
    $12 + $5 to Bitcoin Endowment Fund for $17 total joined 07/20/13.

    “Opt cool. Don’t have extra cash to give usually though. Merry meep!”

  • Bottle Rocket
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  • Jeanann Boyce
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  • James Bracken
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  • Alexander Braitberg
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  • Alan J. Braverman
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  • Larry E. Bray
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  • Michael Breazeale
    $300 (Active Executive membership) joined 01/23/11.
  • David Brin
    $25 joined 10/14/07.
  • J. Broadbent
    $675 (Active Executive membership) joined 07/20/12.

    “I’m a subscriber to the SMi2LE philosophy — and I am passionate about facing up the dilemmas of our spaceship Earth. I would like not just to keep things the way they are, but to find ways to make us thrive as a planetary ecosystem, and as a species, for us to explore and exploit the last frontier.”

  • Mike Brogley
    $100 joined 06/01/08.
  • John Paul Browne
    $5 joined 01/12/09.
  • Matt Browne
    $430 joined 09/30/07.

    “The volcanologist Bill McGuire once said: "As a race, we survive on planet Earth purely by geological consent."
    The physicist Stephen Hawking once said: "It’s space flight or extinction."
    I believe the Lifeboat Foundation can make a real difference securing humanity’s mid-term and long-term future.
    It feels good to be part of this dynamic organization.”

  • Donald Byrne
    $120 joined 02/26/11.

    “Delighted to be part of this organization and its important work.”

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  • Brenton Camac
    $261.30 composed of 2 bitcoins to Bitcoin Endowment Fund joined 04/27/13.
  • Philippe Camacho
    $70.64 composed of 0.5 bitcoins to Bitcoin Endowment Fund joined 04/29/13.
  • André Caminoa
    $25 joined 09/29/14.
  • Ashley Carey
    $2.50 joined 11/28/11.

    “I’m going to save the world after I finish this drink.”

  • Debra Carey
    $2.50 joined 11/28/11.

    “I’m ready to save the world!”

  • Brian Cartmell
    $15,675 including 10,000 American Express membership reward + $118,763.35 to Bitcoin Endowment Fund including 236.31612399 bitcoins for $134,438.35 total joined 06/05/08.
  • Humberto Castaneda
    $3,000 (Active Patron membership) joined 01/14/08.

    “Human survival has always been in mortal danger. It is only our slow perception of time that has given us the illusion of stability. Whether we call it luck, or by design, we have gotten to a point where through technology we may escape the risk horizon on Earth. Now we have to believe this is possible, and that we will do it, because whatever stance we take collectively will be self-fulfilling.”

  • Tom Castelloe
    $25 joined 01/04/07.

    “Professor Hollywood believes in the critical importance of this cause.”

  • Lawrence Catchpole
    $55 joined 11/29/10.
  • Vincent A. Cate
    $475 joined 06/16/07.

    “The human species is at risk until it has established self sufficient colonies in space. Current technology is more powerful than ever before, so the period from now until we are established in space will be the most risky of all time. There is a good chance that humans are the only intelligent life in this galaxy and therefore amazingly precious. We need to work to prevent the extinction of the human species during this risky period and to help it get into space faster.”

  • Ryan Charleston
    $60 joined 06/05/13.
  • Alexandru Celac
    $200 joined 11/21/10.
  • Mahdi Cheraghchi-Bashi-Astaneh
    $2 joined 10/26/05.
  • Dai Alex Chuang
    $120.50 joined 07/17/14.

    “I set up my Amazon Smile account so Amazon will donate 0.5% of my eligible purchases to Lifeboat Foundation and I feel good about doing this and it is so simple to do!”

  • Charles Churchill
    $1,000 joined 12/22/12.

    “To help the defense against technology becoming a Frankenstein monster — the potential/reality which has been with us since 1914 and which may indeed increase geometrically.”

  • Robert Citron
    $1,500 (Active Executive membership) joined 02/18/07.

    “The Lifeboat Foundation concept is wonderful. Getting the best minds on the planet mobilized for a common purpose — ’to prepare for the Singularity’ — may make the difference between humanity’s long-term success or failure. Best wishes for success.”

  • John Claus
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  • Compare Online Broker
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  • Mirona Constantinescu
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  • Brenda Cooper
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    “I am very interested in the kind of conversations — conversations about our future — that happen in this forum.”

  • Edwin B. Cooper Jr.
    $1,445 (Active Economy membership) joined 01/17/07.

    “Lifeboat membership helps us learn about increasing productivity & longevity.”

  • Rebecca R. Cooper
    $560 (Active Economy membership) joined 05/12/10.
  • David W. Corne
    $100 to Bitcoin Endowment Fund joined 04/25/13.

    “This organization is unique, creative, important, open, and inspiring. Everyone should have those qualities.”

  • Max Corneau
    $85 joined 07/16/13.

    “I’m a retired Army Officer, Pilot, Space Officer, and Astronomer. Having been through Hell’s Gates and returned, I’m thankful and grateful to be able to ‘give back’ to society. My evolved Personal Mission Statement guides my life’s work: To continuously elevate the human condition by increasing our sense of place in the Universe through the use of technology and human interaction.
    Please enjoy my column in the Blue Ribbon News.”

  • Franco Cortese
    $240 joined 03/31/13.

    “Never before has X-Risk been more important — and the importance of ameliorating the dangers of such potential sources of humanity’s extinction will only increase as we move forward into our fluidic future.”

  • Justin Corwin
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  • William J. Cosgrove
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    “Keep up the good work!”

  • Coupon Codes 365
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    “It is a pleasure to donate to such a worthy cause!”

  • Cours de guitare en ligne
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    “Great organization!!!”

  • Kenneth A. Cowin
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  • Craig Atkinson Law
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    “Great cause! Happy to support.”

  • Andrew Crouch
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  • Keith Curtis
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  • Jason Curby
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  • Cynexis Media
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    “Thanks for this wonderful foundation.”

  • Tim Czech
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  • Irene J. Dabrowski
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  • Bill Dickens
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  • Michael Dickey
    $8,845 ($16,155 pledged – Active Lifeboat 500 membership) joined 06/03/06.

    “I am an adamant supporter of the Lifeboat Foundations goals for three major reasons, The Drake Equation, the Fermi Paradox, and The Law of Accelerating Returns. The combination of these three principles illustrates something terribly jarring; that life throughout the universe almost always destroys itself through technology.”

  • Martin Dinov
    $50 for our Brighter Brains Institute grant joined 06/01/14.

    “We need more widespread awareness of some of the issues that the foundation is concerned with. Developments and concerns such as AI, global warming, resource diminishment, resource distribution, or space exploration affect us individually and globally.”

  • Adam Dobrin
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  • James Doehring
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  • Peter Drake
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    “Interested in the sustainability of cryptocurrencies, concerned about electricity consumption in mining bitcoin farms. Peercoin is the answer.”

  • Dreamcatcher Multimedia
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    “Technology offers profound improvements for humanity but the risks need to be managed.”

  • Dr. Tom Driscoll
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  • “Drop in the Ocean”
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    “My donation is a drop in the ocean but it brings waves of good luck with it.”

  • Desireé Duffy
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    “Proud to contribute to a cause that benefits all of humanity.”

  • Matt Duing
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    “Thank you for working to support people during the ever faster evolution of machines.”

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  • Sylvia Engdahl
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    “All the worldwide problems we want to solve, and feel we should have solved, are related to the fact that we’ve outgrown the ecological niche we presently occupy. I view them not as pathologies, but as natural indicators of our evolutionary stage. I would like to believe that they’ll prove spurs to expansion. If they don’t, we’ll be one of evolution’s failures.”

  • Maria Entraigues
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    “I wish I had millions and I would give many to Lifeboat! One day soon... :)”

  • Epic Junk Box
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  • Fannie Mae
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  • Matthew Felsted
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    “A little foresight isn’t a bad thing. What a fun way to protect our dear Earth. Take us to the stars!”

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    “Happy to donate :)”

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    “We are proud to support this cause.”

  • Michael Fleischmann
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    “Unfortunately, I find myself pairing finite resources with unlimited advocacy. Wishing us much success...”

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  • Joshua Fox
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    “I am impressed by the roster of people you have brought on board — a great start! These respected leaders in their fields will not only contribute directly, but will also serve to convince others of the importance of preventing the extinction of the human race. (Isn’t it strange that convincing is needed?)”

  • Paul Friedman
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    “We support this cause. Keep up the good work.”

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    “If humans went extinct, then who would I play with?”

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    “If humans went extinct, then who would worship me?”

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    “A very worthwhile cause.”

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    “Interested by bitcoin, altcoins, and life without State money.”

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    “They forced me to wear this evil costume until I donated.”

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    “Please donate to Lifeboat you interesting human.”

  • Ille C. Gebeshuber
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    “I love Lifeboat and I am so happy to serve on its Nanotechnology Science Advisory Board. Good luck to us all.”

  • Pamela "Atlas" Geller
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    “So much evil, so little time.”

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    “Keep up the good work!”

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    “I’m proud to support the Lifeboat Foundation as a Lifeboat 500 member. The work that is being done by this organization is extremely important, and only by taking an active part in it will we be able to manage the journey successfully.”

  • Angela B. Hall
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    “I’ve learned a lot from reading through the site!”

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    “Great to be a part of the campaign.”

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    “Keep up the great work! We believe in your cause!”

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    “Great cause. Thanks!”

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    “By definition, existential threats deserve our careful attention. Sadly, they are largely ignored. The Lifeboat Foundation’s efforts to correct that imbalance are greatly appreciated.”

  • Richard Hendrick
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    “So much agreement about the risks. For so many years. So little action (your considerable accomplishments excluded). Please continue promoting awareness.”

  • Luis Carlos Reyes Hernandez
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    “Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together. Here’s my snowflake...”

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    “As a graduate student at UC Berkeley, I taught a future studies course for two quarters in 1968–69 and have been involved in future studies ever since. In a state of accelerating change, we must look to the future to navigate the present.”

  • Joshua D. Hill
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  • Elina Hiltunen
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    “As a technology futurist I am extremely interested in the topics of Lifeboat’s book. Thank you so much for writing this excellent book!!”

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    “Getting humanity safely through this dangerous period in our history is the most important thing we can be doing right now.”

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    “What could be more important than the protection of life? It’s an honor to be a supporter.”

  • Rudi Hoffman
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    “I am pleased to support the visionary goals of the Lifeboat Foundation. We are all in this lifeboat Earth together, and considering optimal response to global perils simply makes sense. I appreciate the leadership shown by contributors. Let’s make things better for all sentient beings!”

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    “If Earth is considered a closed system, there will be less for all forever. The frontier is closed, the wilderness is gone, nature is being destroyed by human consumers, while billions are starving. The future indeed looks grim, and there are, ultimately, no really long-range, positive solutions, nor motivation for making the sacrifices and doing the hard work needed now, unless we understand that we are evolving from an Earth-only toward an Earth-space or universal species.”

  • Rick Hubbard
    $1,750 (Active Executive membership) joined 06/26/07.

    “To survive, we understand the opposing forces that vie at the intersection of means and will. To advance, we pursue quests for truth. To progress, we choose in the equilibrium of this difficult and delicate calculus. Future reality can be shaped both by pursuit and prudence.”

  • Richard G. Hunter
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    “I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality and depth of the material in Lifeboat’s book.”

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    “I hope that some of the more practical of the many ideas that sprout on Lifeboat will be put into practice, so that our overpopulated world, especially those regions where people are undernourished, deprived of education and opportunities (especially the women!) will change for the better and will flourish (and, perhaps, that megalomaniacs will become extinct).”

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  • Joseph P. Jackson III
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    “Today it is outrageous that the term existential risk is not even in the vocabulary of most policymakers, not to mention the public at large. The next decade is absolutely critical — either we get these issues recognized globally, from the highest levels of intergovernmental meetings, down to the lowest common denominator of popular culture — or — we abandon all hope of steering our future as it overcomes us.”

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    “I am honored to support the work you are doing.”

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    “It is gratifying to be part of and donating to Lifeboat Foundation as the extraordinary group of members of this foundation operate in an ’out of the box’ approach in bringing an awareness of the implications of science and technology to our day-to-day lives. This collective effort will take all of us into the next domain of science in terms of realization of the power of nanotechnology in medicine, agriculture, and environment restoration.”

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    The Human–Space Connection®

    • Space is a continuation of the environment
    • Space is an extension of the global economy
    • Space is a place of abundant resources

  • Ray Kurzweil
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    “A self-replicating pathogen, whether biological or nanotechnology based, could destroy our civilization in a matter of days or weeks. We cannot rely on trial-and-error approaches to deal with existential risks and that is why I support the Lifeboat Foundation.”

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    “Leeward Space Foundation supporting Liftport Group’s Kickstarter fundraiser for the Lunar Space Elevator. Space = Key To Infinite Resources. Help Save The Earth — Move To Outer Space.”

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    “We will want to go beyond the bounds of earth anyway, we might as well start getting ready now. The preparations may prove useful in themselves long before we get off the ground.”

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    “Dedicated to Alexis Armstrong and her comment on 9/12/08. But for your comment, I would not have donated. Hope to have the pleasure of a daughter like you one day. Hope the donation helps out!”

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    “Don’t accept the limits others place upon you.”

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  • Ramez Naam is donating all of his proceeds to the Lifeboat Foundation when you buy his book here (Kindle or paperback version) and then matching that donation by another 100%.
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    “My book is about overcoming natural resource and environmental challenges that face us.”

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    “I realize my contribution is not as much as you really need or would like to have, but at least I am demonstrating my vote of confidence in Lifeboat Foundation for this endeavor. I am glad you are planning our rescue. We have nothing to lose and the pessimists might be wrong about an inevitable extinction.”

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    “Isn’t my grandson cute!”

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    “The best minds of the world should be focusing on making sure humanity survives. This should be our number 1 priority! I hope we will make it through this extremely trying century. Best of luck!”

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    “I work on life-extension research, and identify with the importance Lifeboat places on the diversity of threats to human prosperity. I wanted to give a bit of support to others who are working to address similarly important challenges.”

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    “Let’s hope we can achieve sufficient AW (artificial wisdom or enhanced wisdom) in time to ensure the Singularity will be benign.”

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    “Existential risk problems are so daunting, this might seem like pissing in the ocean. However, I feel compelled to do something to contribute. It makes me feel good.”

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    “While future technologies will likely provide great benefits for humanity, they also bring many global catastrophic risks. I hope the next Lifeboat Foundation conference will help raise awareness of such issues and help ensure a safer future.”

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    “Fantastic cause!”

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  • Glenn Reynolds is Beauchamp Brogan Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee, and is best known for his blog Instapundit, one of the most widely read American political blogs
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    “I’m about 80% thru Ray Kurweil’s new book, and while reading the catalogue of N, G, and R risks this morning I sat up and thought: ’s---, we really better hurry up and get life off of this planet, because it’s hard to imagine we don’t stumble into at least one of the planet-wide species level existential risks.’”

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    “Long-term I want to travel throughout the universe and so I want to make sure our planet is not destroyed by the powerful technologies that are coming before I have a chance to leave Earth. (After I leave Earth, then it is your problem!!!)”

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    “To help enable the Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group meeting. Dear friends and colleagues: if like me, you haven’t pitched in for awhile, this is an important project to support. Thank you for keeping Lifeboat Foundation afloat, so the hard working team at Lifeboat Foundation can continue to keep us ALL afloat!”

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    “This is only a lifeboat if we let it continue in that direction. I am a SoCal Pacific Ocean lover, now landlocked in the city in Southern Illinois where Buckminster Fuller built and lived in the first dome home on Earth. Keep the spaceship alive with good lifeboat practices... be safe be happy.”

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    Tequila Dune Enterprises supports Lifeboat Foundation and the important goal of safeguarding humanity.”

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    “Author of the 12-year study titled ‘An Introduction to Gravity Modification’, and am reaching out to both the physics and the aerospace engineering communities to ensure that gravity modification will be a commercial technology in our lifetimes.”

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    “All of humanity is in the same boat: Earth. And if that boat is threatened or starts to sink, we need to have a lifeboat. Plain and simple. To not plan is not a plan; it is a recipe for disaster. I’m proud to be a Lifeboat 500 member since it provides a priceless service to all of humanity.”

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    “I’m aware $3 USD isn’t much, but I believe any amount of money is a help to your cause.”

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    “I am proud to support the Lifeboat Foundation in its efforts to help avoid or mitigate the most serious global dangers which are inherent to our era, still a rather primitive and uncertain period characterized by much human suffering, geopolitical struggles, medievally clueless societies and governments, rogue WMDs, and a state of "general lawlessness" — without proper if any surveillance of very bad apples, weak or no police force, or other forms of "adult supervision", in most quarters — coupled with the potentially highly destructive outcomes (via direct confrontation or escalation) of our typically reckless and shortsighted war games using advanced technologies. Certain uses of our advanced techs as weapons are premature and suicidal, and however we must learn to defend ourselves against both attacks and accidents surrounding ultrapowerful new technologies. For this reason, it pays to be first in getting the necessary knowhow and prepping our safeguards before we "hurt ourselves".
    Despite our limitations and the worst aspects of our human nature, I am proud of all the good things that we have achieved as a species and, desperately wanting to see positive outcomes to our struggles, I think it is crucially important for as many of us as possible to focus on strategies and programs that aim to promote global balance and well-being for all sentient life, as well as programs which help us design safeguards in order to avoid the potentially globally-catastrophic scenarios that we are undoubtedly facing as our technological might skyrockets.
    Only a handful of organizations are working on these types of major problems (please visit,, and as well), and Lifeboat Foundation is the most comprehensive effort that I know of. Please consider joining our cause.”

  • Temi Tarrero
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    “See me up close to see my full cuteness!" (And another picture for you.)”

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    “The Lifeboat Foundation brings together some of the most stimulating minds on the planet who communicate in the English language.”

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    “We believe Lifeboat’s work directly relates to Terasem’s mission to establish diversity, unity, and joyful immortality via geoethical nanotechnology and personal cyberconsciousness.”

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    “This is a great organization and a great cause!”

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    “Many walk the perilous path in which some claim that technology will solve our problems, and others say it will destroy us.
    We each have the responsibility of working hard towards a positive future. You can make a difference. Your potential is without limit.
    Thoughtware.TV is proud to sponsor the Lifeboat Foundation.”

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    “I’m glad I can contribute to an organization that is doing the optimistic, long range planing for the human race.”

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    “Cannot wait to participate in some great conversations. Particularly interested in emergent behaviors of autonomous agents."”

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