Advisory Board

Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Diane M. Rousseau, LHD, Ph.D. is Director, Administration & Personnel Office at International Space Agency; ISA Ambassador to the United States of America at International Space Agency; Secretary of the Board of Directors at International Space Agency; and Founder & President at Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS).
Diane has been Keynote Speaker at several international conferences.
She does articles and lectures, continued experiences and research showing the validity of Higher Consciousness in life, expanding Higher Education, importance of Inter-Religious and Inter-Faith dialogues for understanding, Diplomatic Relations, Peace and expansion of Knowledge, Alternate Realities, Science, knowledge and expansion of Space, Cosmic and Alternate Realities, experiential and Research, and unlocking the unlimited potential of being.
Diane earned her Ph.D. in Consciousness Studies at the Intercultural Open University in 2010.
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