Lifeboat News #191


Lifeboat News

This issue published on 06/01/18. Copyright 2018 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Ending Age-Related Diseases

Ending Age-Related Diseases: Investment Prospects & Advances in Research will be held in New York City on July 12. Our Bobby Brooke, Keith Comito, Antonei Csoka, Aubrey de Grey, and Vadim Gladyshev will be speaking.
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U.S. Blockchain Association

The Lifeboat Foundation has now partnered with the U.S. Blockchain Association. Through education, advocacy, installing cryptocurrency-enabled ATMs and point-of-sale terminals, as well as working closely with policymakers, regulatory agencies and the industry, they hope to take blockchain technology to the next level.
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RAADfest 2018 Update

RAADfest 2018 will be held September 20–23 in San Diego, California. This is the largest event in the world where practical and cutting-edge methods to reverse aging are presented for all interest levels, from beginner to expert.
Our Bill Andrews, Michael Borkin, José Cordeiro, Greg Fahy, Bill Faloon, Aubrey de Grey, Terry Grossman, David Kekich, Randal Koene, Ray Kurzweil, Jim Mellon, Liz Parrish, Marco Ruggiero, Brad Thompson, Neal Van De Ree, Natasha Vita-More, and Jean Weidmann will be speaking/participating.
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Ille C. Gebeshuber

Our Ille C. Gebeshuber was named Austrian of the Year (Research) and won the Look!Business Award (the largest business award for women in Austria).
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Adriano Autino joins our blog team with the post “Elon Musk responds to Boeing’s claim it will beat SpaceX to Mars: ‘Do it’.” at
Ankur Bargotra joins our blog team with the post “What Is Cognitive Computing (How AI Will Think)” at
Juliian C’estMoi joins our blog team with the post “Study proposes a new way to reverse the aging process” at
Narenda Har joins our blog team with the post “Pig brains kept alive without a body” at
Takayuki Sugano joins our blog team with the post “MIT fed an AI data from Reddit, and now it thinks of nothing but murder” at
Recent interesting blog posts include
“Antioxidant inhibitor might be a regulator of aging” by Nicola Bagalà at
“A physicist answers the grandest question of all: Why are we here?” by Michael Lance at
“Built for speed: DNA nanomachines take a (rapid) step forward” by Ian Hale at
“China takes surveillance to new heights with flock of robotic Doves, but do they come in peace?” by Dan Kummer at
“Chip upgrade helps miniature drones navigate” by Shailesh Prasad at
“Electronic Skin Lets Amputees Feel Pain Through Their Prosthetics” by Marcos Than Esponda at
“Exclusive: Neanderthal ‘minibrains’ grown in dish” by Manuel Canovas Lechuga at
“Experimental Drug Injection Causes the Brain to Grow New Neurons” by Nicholi Avery at
“Four cures for automation anxiety” by Julius Garcia at
“Genetic tool could let scientists create new DNA ‘overnight’ that may help humans live forever” by Carse Peel at
“Groundbreaking technology successfully rewarms large-scale tissues preserved at very low temperatures” by Nicholi Avery at
“Has the Telomerase Revolution Arrived? Part One” by Steve Hill at
“Has This Startup Cracked the Secret to Fusion Energy?” by Genevieve O’Hagan at
“How Tech Companies Are Trying to Disrupt Terrorist Social Media Activity” by Genevieve O’Hagan at
“Humanity first, or individuals first?” by Nicola Bagalà at
“Implantable 3D-printed organs could be coming sooner than you think” by Klaus Baldauf at
“Instagram star isn’t what she seems. But brands are buying in” by Sean Brazell at
“Is There a Smarter Path to Artificial Intelligence? Some Experts Hope So” by Derick Lee at
“Is your brain an analog or digital device? New research surprises” by Shailesh Prasad at
“Kidney cells engineered to produce insulin when caffeine is present in the body” by Manuel Canovas Lechuga at
“Longevity, the Greatest Investment Opportunity of All Time” by Edward Futurem at
“Made in Space targets 2023 for building large structures in space and later future asteroid mining” by Klaus Baldauf at
“New CRISPR-Gold technique reduces behavioral autism symptoms in mice” by Genevieve O’Hagan at
“New platform will help create designer human proteins in the lab” by Manuel Canovas Lechuga at
“Quantum Computing Expert Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty” by Juliian C’estMoi at
“Ransom Demands and Frozen Computers: Hackers Hit Towns Across the U.S.” by Derick Lee at
“The Right Chemistry, Fast: Employing AI and Automation to Map Out and Make Molecules” by Klaus Baldauf at
“Space station experiment will create the coldest spot in the universe” by Dan Kummer at
“Tasmanian Tiger Could Come Back From Extinction” by Shailesh Prasad at
“These robots help Walmart restock groceries” by Dan Kummer at
“This artificial intelligence can see through walls” by Shailesh Prasad at
“This Table Saw Could Save Your Fingers From Getting Amputated” by Nicholi Avery at
“Thousands of Swedes are inserting microchips into themselves — here’s why” by Derick Lee at
“Tissue-engineered human pancreatic cells successfully treat diabetic mice” by Ian Hale at
“UF-oh no? We may be the only intelligent life out there, study finds” by Michael Lance at
“Using Nanoscale Robots to Fight Aging and Disease” by Steve Hill at
“Volvo is making a true ‘Autopilot’ that’ll let you eat, sleep, or watch movies — coming in 3 years” by Bill Kemp at
“Want to Breathe on Mars? A Sea-Dwelling Bacteria Could Make That Possible” by Michael Lance at
“Was Thanos Right About Overpopulation!?” by Steve Hill at
“Wendelstein 7-X achieves world record for fusion product” by Bill Kemp at
“What Is Optical Computing (Computing At The Speed of Light)” by Ankur Bargotra at
“What will it take for Bitcoin to be widely adopted?” by Philip Raymond at

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