Lifeboat News #257


Lifeboat News

This issue published on 12/01/23. Copyright 2023 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

2023 Biomarkers of Aging Symposium

The 2023 Biomarkers of Aging Symposium will be held in Novato, California on December 4.
Our Nir Barzilai, Allison Duettmann, Peter Fedichev, Kristen Fortney, Vadim Gladyshev, Vera Gorbunova, Steve Horvath, Jamie Justice, Andrea Maier, and Alex Zhavoronkov will be speaking/participating.
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Autism Tree Global Neurodiversity Conference 2023

Autism Tree Global Neurodiversity Conference 2023 will be held November 3rd in La Jolla, California and in Cyberspace.
This FREE event is chaired by our Alysson Muotri.
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The CDO/CDAO Summit will be held December 12–14 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Topics covered include digital transformation, data and analytics, and artificial intelligence.
Our David Mathison will be speaking.
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Chief AI Officer Summit

The Chief AI Officer Summit will be held December 14 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Our David Mathison will be speaking.
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Frontier, Patsnap’s Annual Innovation Conference will be held on the 16th of November for free in cyberspace.
Our Marvin Cheung is delivering the keynote “Conducting Impactful Research for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals”.
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LongevityFest 2023

LongevityFest 2023 will be held December 14–16 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Our Hans Keirstead, Dobri Kiprov, and Joe Purita will be speaking.
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Longevity Summit 2023

The Longevity Summit 2023 will be held December 5–6 in Novato, California.
Our Omri Amirav-Drory, Peter Fedichev, Kristen Fortney, Steve Horvath, Daniel Ives, and Robin Mansukhani will be speaking.
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World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) XXV World Conference

The World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) XXV World Conference is being held October 25–27 in Paris, France and in cyberspace.
This conference is being organized by our Rosa Alegria, Alethia Baena, and Dana Klisanin.
Our Rosa Alegria, José Cordeiro, Christopher H. Cordey, Shermon Cruz, Seren Dalkiran, Tracey Follows, Fabienne Goux-Baudiment, Linda Groff, Andy Hines, Dana Klisanin, and Thomas Lombardo will be speaking.
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Read “Shooting for the Stars: New Paradigms and the Role of Nextgen Leaders in Navigating the Future” at by our Seren Dalkiran in the October Issue of Compass magazine for professional futurists worldwide. Read the latest issue of Compass, the global voice of professional futurists now at


Read “The Breakthrough Effect” by our Douglas E. Richards whose books have sold over three million copies at
Oliver Scott is the reclusive genius behind countless world-changing breakthroughs. But how does he innovate at such a furious pace? And while most hail him as a savior, what if he’s actually the most dangerous tyrant humanity has ever seen? A man who will stop at nothing to gain absolute power.
Liam Dunne is an elite American operative enhanced with next-level technology, including a prototype supercomputer implanted in his brain. When an encrypted data file is transmitted into this implant, Liam is thrust into a battle for the very soul of humanity. Because the file holds the key to unlocking the mystery of Oliver Scott — and stopping a nightmarish future.
As Liam and the woman he loves race to unravel the truth, they become the targets of a lethal manhunt initiated by the ruthless genius. If they can survive long enough to access the enigmatic file, they can lift humanity to unimaginable heights.
Read “Colony High” by our David Brin at
In this captivating YA science fiction novel, the skeptical high school junior, Mark Bamford, finds himself caught up in a web of mystery and extraterrestrial intrigue. Living in the seemingly ordinary town of Twenty-Nine Palms, California, Mark dismisses the absurd rumor circulating among his classmates — an alien stranded in their midst. Such a clichéd movie rip-off, right? Can’t the math geeks come up with a more convincing hoax?
Read “Cosmic Garage” by our James Churchill at
When Ellie and Zac come to stay with their grandfather at his run-down 1950’s gas station in the middle of the Nevada Desert they soon discover there’s more than just spare parts in the garage. A group of wayward space travellers have built themselves a new home, where they plan to broadcast their TV variety show to the Universe. Read the reviews at
Read “The Death of Death: The Scientific Possibility of Physical Immortality and its Moral Defense”, coauthored by our José Cordeiro at

2022 Sir Arthur Clarke Award

Our David Evans won the 2022 Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Education and Outreach Individual at


Zola Balazs Bekasi joins our blog team with the post “Researchers Create Chicken Embryos With Dinosaur-Like Faces” at
Robert Bosnjak joins our blog team with the post “A NY startup aims to build hundreds of chip factories with prefab parts and AI” at
Natalie Chan joins our blog team with the post “Researchers solve protein mystery” at
Tahir Dawood joins our blog team with the post “How precious metals were brought to Earth and preserved in a magma ocean” at
Stan Daymond joins our blog team with the post “Ilya: the AI scientist shaping the world” at
Initiative for Interstellar Studies joins our blog team with the post “What They didn’t know when they created this. Watch til the end” at
Cecile G. Tamura joins our blog team with the post “NOIR: Neural Signal Operated Intelligent Robots for Everyday Activities” at
Laurence Tognetti joins our blog team with the post “Seven Sweltering Exoplanets Found in Kepler Data” at
Recent interesting blog posts include:
“1,000+ Qubit Quantum Computer Announced” by Will Fox at
“3D-printed stem cells could help treat brain injuries” by Shubham Ghosh Roy at
“A magnet-free reactor that fits in a garage could provide limitless energy” by Quinn Sena at
“A new way to erase quantum computer errors” by Genevieve Klien at
“A NY startup aims to build hundreds of chip factories with prefab parts and AI” by Robert Bosnjak at
“AI chatbots could help plan bioweapon attacks, report finds” by Brent Ellman at
“AI Game-Changer: Nanoelectronic Devices Uses 100x Less Energy” by Paul Battista at
“An immune molecule that regulates aging and a living organism’s lifespan” by The Neuro-Network at
“Are we living in a Matrix-style simulated universe? New research says it’s possible” by Dan Breeden at
“Astronomers capture first direct evidence of black hole spinning” by Arthur Brown at
“At Abundance 360, David Sinclair made quite a number of encouraging comments about the future of aging research, including methods of resetting epigenetics to a youthful state” by Montie Adkins at
“Brain’s Recycling System: Researchers Unlock the Secret to Neuron Renewal” by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
“Breakthrough in treatment of cervical cancer” by Will Fox at
“Drones lead the way in real-time air quality checks” by Gemechu Taye at
“Electron Beams Magically Heal Microscopic Fractures, May Also Enable Creation of Objects One Atom at a Time” by Quinn Sena at
“Groundbreaking Discoveries About Human Brain and Neuronal Complexity” by Jose Ruben Rodriguez Fuentes at
“H2FLY completes world’s first piloted flight of liquid hydrogen aircraft” by Omuterema Akhahenda at
“How humans will reach beyond biological bodies” by Paul Battista at
“How Rotation Drives Magnetic Levitation” by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
“John Hagel on moving from threat to opportunity, the passion of the explorer, learning platforms, and scalable learning in practice” by Kelvin Dafiaghor at
“Lumigrids Projects a Laser Grid In Front Of Your Bicycle To See Terrain Changes at Night” by Raphael Ramos at
“‘Mind-blowing’ IBM chip speeds up AI” by Dan Kummer at
“Month after pig heart transplant, Maryland man pushing through ‘tough’ physical therapy” by Nicholi Avery at
“Newly Discovered Spirals of Brain Activity May Help Explain Cognition” by Quinn Sena at
“Not Sci-Fi Anymore: Brain Waves to Speech using AI” by Ken Otwell at
“Novel Approach Restores Brain Function after Stroke-Like Injury in Mice” by Shubham Ghosh Roy at
“Pivotal Discovery Signals a Huge Leap Forward in Fusion Energy Reactor Progress” by Ron Gowans-Savage at
“Possible Quantum Decryption Breakthrough” by Dan Breeden at
“Project Hyperion: The Hollow Asteroid Starship — Dissemination Of An Idea” by Andreas M. Hein at
“Quantum Leap — Harvard Scientists Use Sound To Test Devices, Control Qubits” by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
“Record-breaking quantum computer has more than 1000 qubits” by Paul Battista at
“Scientists just drafted an incredibly detailed map of the human brain” by Dan Kummer at
“Scientists propose ‘missing’ law for the evolution of everything in the universe” by Arthur Brown at
“Scientists Successfully Simulate Backward Time Travel with a 25% Chance of Actually Changing the Past” by Joseph Barney at
“Simulations of ‘backwards time travel’ can improve scientific experiments” by Dan Kummer at
“Single-blade wind turbine works at wind speeds of 157 mph” by Shailesh Prasad at
“Telomere Length Test #5 in 2023: Which Dietary Factors Are Significantly Correlated?” by Mike Lustgarten at
“There was a heavy dose of the future at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show” by Robert Bosnjak at
“Thousands of Organisms Possess DNA-Editing Enzyme Fanzor” by Raphael Ramos at
“‘We could see it happening before our eyes’: research shows how cancer cells resist chemotherapy” by Shubham Ghosh Roy at
“World’s smallest particle accelerator is 54 million times smaller than the Large Hadron Collider, and it works” by Josh Seeherman at
“X-ray the nukes: How US plans nuclear safety in this underground lab” by Gemechu Taye at

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