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This issue published on 09/01/20. Copyright 2020 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Special Report

Read Special Report “Rise of the Machines: How, When and Consequences of Artificial General Intelligence” by Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Board member Richard J. Terrile at
Technology and society are poised to cross an important threshold with the prediction that artificial general intelligence (AGI) will emerge soon. Assuming that self-awareness is an emergent behavior of sufficiently complex cognitive architectures, we may witness the “awakening” of machines. The timeframe for this kind of breakthrough, however, depends on the path to creating the network and computational architecture required for strong AI.
If understanding and replication of the mammalian brain architecture is required, technology is probably still at least a decade or two removed from the resolution required to learn brain functionality at the synapse level. However, if statistical or evolutionary approaches are the design path taken to “discover” a neural architecture for AGI, timescales for reaching this threshold could be surprisingly short.

Mark Sagar

Double Academy Award winner Mark Sagar joins our Media & Arts Board. Mark was involved with the creation of technology for the digital characters in blockbusters such as Avatar, King Kong, and Spider-Man 2.
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Mask Competition

Enter The SRF Design-a-Mask Competition!
We’re inviting all our supporters to submit designs for an official SRF mask. As well as being worn by SRF staff, these masks will be available in limited supply to anyone who’d like to support ending age-related disease and disability.
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Greg Allison joins our blog team with the post “Life On Venus — How Could It Have Gotten There?” at
Eamon Everall joins our blog team with the post “NASA gearing up for epic asteroid-sampling maneuver next month” at
Kelly Idehen joins our blog team with the post “The Road to Human 2.0” at
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