Lifeboat News #183


Lifeboat News

This issue published on 10/01/17. Copyright 2017 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Dream Project

Unfortunately Yurii Rashkovskii's $5,000 Dream Project Contest has run out of funding so instead the Lifeboat Foundation is taking over this project. The new deadline is the end of the year, the winner will be announced right after the deadline.
All previous submissions to that contest have been given to the Lifeboat Foundation so you don't have to resubmit them. (You can submit updated applications if you wish.)
Details are at
Spread the word about this contest, and when you do, please call it the "Lifeboat Foundation $5,000 Dream Project Contest". Thanks! (This contest has already received hundreds of entries so the concept is more popular than we would have expected.)

HQ Supervisor

The Lifeboat Foundation is looking to hire an HQ Supervisor. This individual will be trained by our president in Reno, Nevada USA and will be in charge of everything from financial paperwork to keeping our HQ (headquarters) clean. The two main qualities that are being looked for are: 1) follow through 2) and a strong interest in "Safeguarding Humanity".
Because the Lifeboat Foundation is looking for a one-of-a-kind person, we are willing to pay to have someone flown in from any country and to help with any visa paperwork.
Learn more at

Undoing Aging Conference

The 2018 Undoing Aging Conference will be held March 15-17 in Berlin. This conference is focused on the cellular and molecular repair of age-related damage as the basis of therapies to bring aging under full medical control. It is a joint effort of the SENS Research Foundation and the Forever Healthy Foundation.
Our Aubrey de Grey, Vera Gorbunova, and Jean Hébert will be speaking.
Learn more at

Space Symposium

The 34th Space Symposium will be held April 16-19 in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA. The Space Symposium is the premier global, commercial, civil, military, and emergent space conference. Our Masseh Tahiry, Dylan Taylor, and Rick Tumlinson will be speaking.
Learn more at

Foresight Vision Weekend

2017 Foresight Vision Weekend will be held December 2-3 at the Gray Area & The Laundry, San Francisco. Topics covered include AI safety, blockchains, longevity, and x-risks. Our Sonia Arrison, Aubrey de Grey, David Eagleman, Kevin Fischer, Randal Koene, Kevin Perrott, Melanie Swan, and Peter Voss will be speaking.
Learn more at

Lifeboat Foundation Memorial

The Lifeboat Foundation mourns the passing of American science fiction writer, essayist, and journalist Jerry Pournelle who worked to the end to "Safeguard Humanity".
Learn more at and


Read "How Nasa's Voyager spacecraft changed the face of UK science" at This article features our Garry Hunt.


Dmitrii Chekh joins our blog team with the post "Circadian Rhythm" at
Jennifer Gidley joins our blog team with the post "Contrasting Human Futures: Technotopian or Human-Centred?" at
Michael Greve joins our blog team with the post "Dr. Eric Lagasse to speak at Undoing Aging 2018" at
Ian Hale joins our blog team with the post "New gene editor used to fix disease in embryos: study" at
Anderson Tan joins our blog team with the post "Intel Jumps Into Brain-Like Computing With New Self-Learning Chip" at
Recent interesting blog posts include:
"'$300M in Cryptocurrency' Accidentally Lost Forever Due to Bug" by Carse Peel at
"Air Force general says China is advancing in space five times as quickly as the US" by John Gallagher at
"Alibaba lets AI, robots and drones do the heavy lifting on Singles' Day" by Derick Lee at
"Anomalous bottoms at Cern and the case for a new collider" by Andreas Matt at
"This Captivating Sci-Fi Short Film Was Randomly Generated By a Computer" by Sean Brazell at
"'Chemical surgery' can correct genetic mutations behind many diseases — study by Aleksandar Vukovic at
"Could Blood Plasma Be The Fountain Of Youth?" by Steve Hill at
"Cyborgs Among Us" by Zoltan Istvan at
"A Demonstration of Rejuvenation in Old Human Cells" by Steve Hill at
"Falling Walls: The Past, Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence" by Derick Lee at
"The fission-fragment rocket" by Klaus Baldauf at
"A flexible material that generates electricity when stressed" by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
"Fluidic transistor ushers the age of liquid computers" by Shailesh Prasad at
"Full Tilt: When 100% of Cars Are Autonomous" by Dan Kummer at
"The Future of Anti-Aging" by Montie Adkins at
"Grow fake versions of rare delicacies like sea urchin at home" by Dan Kummer at
"This handheld 3D body scanning device could replace the MRI — using the motion-sensing technology from a Nintendo Wii" by Shane Hinshaw at
"How to Cure Aging — During Your Lifetime?" by Simon Waslander at
"Hypersonic wind tunnel test model of China’s hypersonic vehicle revealed" by Klaus Baldauf at
"Intermittent fasting may be center of increasing lifespan" by Alexander Rodionov at
"Lamborghini creates world's first 'self-healing' sports car" by Carse Peel at
"Landmark editorial identifies microbes as major cause of Alzheimer's Disease" by Ian Hale at
"'Monster' planet discovery challenges formation theory" by John Gallagher at
"A Neural Network Wrote the Next 'Game of Thrones' Book Because George R.R. Martin Hasn't" by Steve Cusack at
"Nottingham's 3D printed helmet ushers in a new era of natural brain scans" by Nancie Hunter at
"Quantum security from small satellites" by Klaus Baldauf at
"Ray Kurzweil — Human-Level AI is Just 12 Years Away" by Dan Kummer at
"Researchers develop wallpaper bio-solar panel" by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
"Self-driving shuttle hits Las Vegas streets" by Carse Peel at
"Sophia... AI Robot actually given citizenship in Saudi Arabia" by Magaly Santiago at
"Space tourism will lift-off in 2018" by Derick lee at
"Supporting a decentralized, uncensored Internet for every person on the planet" by Ian Hale at
"Theoretical Physicists Are Getting Closer to Explaining How NASA's 'Impossible' EmDrive Works" by Andreas Matt at
"These 5 pieces of sci-fi movie tech are becoming reality" by Brett Gallie II at
"Transhumanism: A technological 'worldview'" by Zoltan Istvan at
"Waymo makes history testing on public roads with no one at the wheel" by Amnon H. Eden at
"Why Increased Lifespans Probably Will Not Mean a Loss of Motivation" by Steve Hill at

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