Lifeboat News #184


Lifeboat News

This issue published on 11/01/17. Copyright 2017 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Dream Project Winner!

The winner of our Dream Project contest is Teachers in Space, Inc. at We will be funding classroom experiments that will fly aboard the Perlan II stratospheric glider which just set the world altitude record. The glider is currently in Minden, Nevada which happens to also be the location of our headquarters! More information about these experiments will be available soon.
Learn about our Dream Project contest at

End of the Year Fundraiser

We have been swamped with activity in 2017 so are running our fundraiser late this time. We will be fundraising from January 11 to January 31, 2018. Learn more at
You can also get a great summary of last year’s activities by going to

Fourth Edition

Lifeboat Foundation is pleased to release the 4th and newest edition of our book The Human Race to the Future. The paperback version is at and the Kindle version is at

Social Media Expert

Genevieve O’Hagan is our new Social Media Expert. Welcome aboard Genevieve! Learn about Genevieve at


Read “Space Traffic Control” at Read “Preparing for a World that Doesn’t Exist — Yet: Framing a Second Enlightenment to Create Communities of the Future” at


Watch “Why Existential Risks Matter & Decentralized Mitigation Strategies — Allison Duettmann @BIL 2017” at

Conrad Challenge

Lifeboat Foundation is now a Partner of the Conrad Challenge. The Conrad Challenge brings together a dynamic community of innovators and entrepreneurs driving a collaborative movement to develop extraordinary and viable solutions to benefit our world in one of five areas: Aerospace & Aviation, Cyber-Technology & Security, Energy & Environment, Health & Nutrition, and Smoke-Free World.
Learn more at


Carla Parsons joins our blog team with the post “Modified protein promotes hair growth and fights ageing in mice” at
Recent interesting blog posts include
“The 2018 Undoing Aging Conference” by Michael Greve at
“3 Brain Technologies to Watch in 2018” by Shailesh Prasad at
“AI already out of the bottle: You can’t stop it or slow it down” by Müslüm Yildiz at
“Alzheimers Drug Turns Back the Clock in Mitochondria” by Steve Hill at
“Brain Cells Share Information Using a Gene that Came From Viruses” by Dan Kummer at
“Can These Revolutionary Technologies Beat Aging in Our Lifetimes?” by Brady Harman at
“China is building a giant $2.1 billion research park dedicated to developing A.I.” by Derick Lee at
“Citizen science bags five-planet haul” by Genevieve O’Hagan at
“David Sinclair on Sirtuins” by Brady Hartman at
“Disruptive Technologies Push Bioterrorism To A Whole New Level” by Klaus Baldauf at
“The Expensive Art of Living Forever” by Zoltan Istvan at
“Four-dimensional physics in two dimensions” by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
“GM Drops the Steering Wheel and Gives Robot Driver Control” by Genevieve O’Hagan at
“The Gut Microbiota Could Contribute to Sarcopenia” by Steve Hill at
“How close are we to a Black Mirror-style digital afterlife?” by Zoltan Istvan at
“How Robots Will Break Politics” by Derick Lee at
“How to Fight Superbugs” by Dan Kummer at
“Hundreds of robot realtors are helping Bay Area renters find new homes” by Shane Hinshaw at
“Intel, Nervana Shed Light on Deep Learning Chip Architecture” by Roman Mednitzer at
“Introduction to Robotics — Stanford University” by Müslüm Yildiz at
“Is Cryptocurrency Good for Government?” by Philip Raymond at
“Light-Based Computers May Soon Become a Reality” by Shailesh Prasad at
“Longevity FAQ: A beginner’s guide to longevity research” by Montie Adkins at
“Meet the robo-MANTIS unveiled for the first time at CES” by Klaus Baldauf at
“Nanoscale cryptography method gains robustness from stiction” by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
“NASA team first to demonstrate X-ray navigation in space” by Klaus Baldauf at
“NASA X-Ray Navigation System Aims to Be a Galactic GPS for Space Exploration” by Genevieve O’Hagan at
“New class of soft, electrically activated devices mimics the expansion and contraction of natural muscles” by Saúl Morales Rodriguéz at
“Pentagon Seeks Laser-Powered Bat Drones. Really” by Patrick Tucker at
“Proximity Tags Emit Radio Waves to Monitor Heart, Lungs, Blood Pressure” by Roman Mednitzer at
“Reversing MS With Stem Cells” by Ian Hale at
“Say it again, Bitcoin Investors: ‘Bad News is Good News’” by Philip Raymond at
“Scientists Create Functioning Human Muscle Using Skin Cells” by Steve Hill at
“Scientists turn skin cells into muscle cells, a potential boon for research” by Dan Kummer at
“Scientists Unveil the First Portable Bionic Hand With a Sense of Touch” by Paul Gonçalves at
“Sex Robots That Can Make Babies May Soon Be Available” by Shane Hinshaw at
“Someone stole a piece of China’s new solar panel-paved road less than a week after it opened” by Montie Adkins at
“Speed breeding LED technique grows food six times faster than conventional farming” by Montie Adkins at
“Toyota has unveiled a crazy self-driving vehicle” by Shailesh Prasad at
“Two qubit silicon gate has been created” by Roman Mednitzer at
“US drug firm offers cure for blindness – at $425,000 an eye” by Derick Lee at
“View the Future of Medicine with Nanorobots, Weaponized Killer T-cells, Lab-grown Organs, and Gene Editing” by Brady Harman at
“What if you Send Bitcoin to a Non-Existent Address?” by Philip Raymond at
“Zeb2-NAT Molecule May Reverse Cellular Aging” by Steve Hill at

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