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This issue published on 12/01/11. Copyright 2011 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

End of the Year Fundraiser

Good news! Our Jeff Bone has increased his matching funds to $16,000 for our End of the Year Fundraiser.
There are only 22 days left on our End of the Year Fundraiser and people will soon start going on vacation so we would like to build up our End of the Year Fundraiser before the holidays are upon us.
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Our 2011 accomplishments include the support of conferences Suspended Animation 2011, WorldFuture 2011: Moving from Vision to Action, The Fourth Conference on Artificial General Intelligence, DARPA/NASA 100 Year Starship Study Public Symposium, and TEDxSiliconAlley.
We have also developed new educational videos, improved our active and dynamic Facebook group and LinkedIn group, participated in the recent DARPA/NASA Request for Information project and the DARPA/NASA Request for Proposal project, created our most active blog ever, added to our growing world news coverage, developed an ongoing grant initiative program, created new reports, updated programs, and improved our web design.
We have also grown our list of forums and have launched a wiki for our InfoPreserver program. (The wiki is already up to 24 categories of information uploaded by our members!) Our momentum is greater than ever.
Following are some conferences that our advisors are helping make happen:

Emerging Signal Processing Applications

The first IEEE conference on Emerging Signal Processing Applications which will be held Jan 12–14 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.
This conference will highlight areas of 3D technology for gaming, telepresence, gesture recognition for games and natural user interfaces, digital photography, 4G wireless, robotics, multimedia tablets, SP in automobiles: speech interfaces and cameras, voice search, SP with multicore processors, and IPTV.
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FutureMed 2012

FutureMed 2012 will take place February 6–11, 2012. Faculty will include our Ray Kurzweil and David Ewing Duncan.
This informative and interactive 5 day program will be held at Singularity University’s campus at NASA–Ames Research Park and will include lectures, discussions, workshops and site visits, led by notable Singularity University faculty and experts in the fields of medicine, biotechnology, and innovation.
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2012 National Academy of Inventors Conference

The 2012 National Academy of Inventors Conference will be held February 16–17, 2012 in Tampa, Florida.
The conference, open to all of academia and research labs, will bring together the research community to deliberate on the translation of science and technology within the academic community, and for the benefit of society. It is intended to be a forum to encourage creative thinking and the spirit of innovation, promote and enhance the development and utilization of inventions, and provide advice and guidance to new and existing inventors in their work.
David Kappos, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, will deliver the keynote address and the USPTO will have a major presence at the conference.
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Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference 2012

The Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference 2012 will be held February 27–29 at The Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resort, Palo Alto, California.
This conference will bring together researchers from government, industry, and academia in the largest forum of its kind, providing key networking opportunities for the entire community.
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Fifth Conference on Future Energy

The Fifth Conference on Future Energy will be held February 29 – March 2, 2012 at the University of Maryland, College Park. This will be five conferences under one roof: Space Propulsion, Future Energy, Astrosociology, Gravity Waves and Space Science, and Technology Forums. Our Andrew Beckwith and Thomas Valone will be speaking.
Discussions will include peer-reviewed papers, published by Elsevier Science Publishers through ScienceDirect known worldwide, on: human missions to mars, new energy, propulsion, NASA advanced concepts, bioelectromagnetics, life extension, gravitomagnetics, antigravity, Podkletnov effect, space elevators, beamed power, nuclear propulsion, toroidal coils, coler apparatus, low energy nuclear power, water electrolyzers, maglevs, space habitats, and more.
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Kepler Space Institute Conference

The Kepler Space Institute Conference will be held at Hilton Head, South Carolina on March 14–16, 2012.
The Kepler Space Institute (KSI) and Kepler Space University (KSU) are Earth’s newest higher education and research entities focusing on both Earth and Space Sciences. The Kepler team of experienced scientists, engineers, professors, astronauts, managers, aerospace and defense experts and researchers has enjoyed creating this new 21st Century Combination of Institute and University that personalizes courses and programs for scholar’s career needs.
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Technology Frontiers

Technology Frontiers will be held March 22–23, 2012 at Inmarsat Conference Centre, London.
Technology Frontiers is not about what the future holds for technology it is about how we can transform our business, social, and economic fortunes. The most visionary companies of the last decade are the ones that anticipated how technology would change society and impelled them to do something completely different. Many of these technologies are already here, what impacts will they have for your business?
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Capital Science 2012

The Washington Academy of Sciences and its Affiliates will hold their fifth biennial pan-Affiliate Conference, Capital Science 2012, on March 31 – April 1 in Arlington, Virginia, USA. With over 20 Affiliates participating, the Conference will serve as an umbrella for scientific presentations, seminars, tutorials, and talks.
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2nd International Conference on Genetics of Aging and Longevity

The 2nd International Conference on Genetics of Aging and Longevity will be held April 22–25, 2012 in Moscow, Russia.
Our Andrzej Bartke, Vadmim Fraifeld, Maria Konovalenko, Michael Rose, Jan Vijg, and Alex Zhavoronkov are participating.
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2012 International High-Power Laser Ablation Conference

The 2012 International High-Power Laser Ablation (HPLA) Conference will be held April 30 – May 3 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. The Symposium Chair is our Dr. Claude R. Phipps.
This conference addresses all aspects of the interaction of lasers with condensed matter, from fundamental theory and simulations to material processing. Groundbreaking physics is discussed for its own sake, but the conference also devotes some sessions, as appropriate, to recent advances in laser physics which are of use in applications. In the past, these have ranged from femtosecond material processing to space propulsion.
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Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine

The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine will be held in Jerusalem on May 13–15, 2012. This conference brings together physicians and therapists from all over the world for a scientific meeting and dialog on the methods, techniques, and progress of integrative medicine.
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2012 Design Science: Global Solutions Lab

The 2012 Design Science: Global Solutions Lab will be held June 17–25, 2012 at Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA, and United Nations, NY.
Participants come from around the world, are briefed by UN experts, develop a series of solutions and strategies for solving critical problems facing the world, present their work at the UN to a panel of UN, corporate and foundation leaders and then have their work published as a book that is distributed around the world. This year the focus is on meeting the basic human needs of those living in urban environments through green technology.
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Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems

The Thirteenth International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems (ALIFE 13) will be held July 19–22, 2012 at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, USA.
Keynote speakers are:

  • Steven Benner, Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution, Synthetic Biology
  • Oron Catts, University of Western Australia, Biotechnology & Art
  • Benjamin Kerr, University of Washington, Experimental Evolution
  • Radhika Nagpal, Harvard University, Self-Organizing Systems
  • Jack Szostak, 2009 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Evolution in Action

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Innovations in Biomedical Material 2012

Innovations in Biomedical Material 2012 will be held September 10–13, 2012 at the Hilton North Raleigh–Midtown, North Carolina, USA. Abstracts are due by March 7, 2012.
Innovations in Biomedical Materials 2012 brings together the materials research, manufacturing, and medical communities to explore technological advancements, facilitate product innovations, and identify potential new applications. This conference will specifically look at technological advancements, discuss product innovations, and identify potential applications.
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2012 Interdisciplinary Symposium on Complex Systems

The 2012 Interdisciplinary Symposium on Complex Systems will be held September 19–25, 2012 at Kypriotis Hotels and Conference Center, Kos island, Greece.
Symposium topics include: modeling complex systems, complex and adaptive dynamical systems, evolution of complexity, self-organized systems, complexity measurement, complexity and information theory, (random) boolean networks, cellular automata, controlling complexity, chaotic dynamical systems, determinism behind thermodynamics and anti-thermodynamics, synchronization and information in dynamical networks, chaos control, quantum dynamics, quantum chaos, complex dynamics in biological systems, molecular dynamics simulations, complex adaptive human systems, natural selection and Darwinian dynamics, and cybernetics.
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BICA 2012 Conference

The BICA (Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures) 2012 Conference will be held October 31 – November 2, 2012 in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. General Chair is our Antonio Chella.
The challenge of creating a real-life computational equivalent of the human mind requires that we better understand at a computational level how natural intelligent systems develop their cognitive and learning functions. In recent years, biologically inspired cognitive architectures have emerged as a powerful new approach toward gaining this kind of understanding (here “biologically inspired” is understood broadly as “brain-mind inspired”).
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A group of scientists is pushing to publish research about how they created a man-made flu virus that could potentially wipe out civilization.
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Some interesting blog posts include:
“Brief Critique: The New God Argument” by James Felton Keith at
“Sic transit hominum, or the transcent of man (part 3: a million years)” by Jared Daniel at
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