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World Futures Day will take place on March 1st for the 10th year

World Futures Day will take place on March 1st for the 10th year
January 24, 2023 — World Futures Day by The Millennium Project, in cooperation with the Association of Professional Futurists (APF), Humanity+, Lifeboat Foundation, and the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF), will take place on March 1st for the 10th year!
The call for facilitators is now open: support World Futures Day by picking a one hour time slot where you will help to facilitate the discussion — such as the slot at 12 noon in your local area. If you want to be part of the team, please use this form.
The format is always the same: a 24-hour around-the-world conversation using Zoom for futurists and the public to freely discuss challenges and opportunities for building a better future for all.
Our Yul Anderson, Adriano Autino, Marsia Bealby, Nadja Bester, José Cordeiro, Franco Cortese, Francesco Da Vinci, Daniela de Paulis, Tom Diffenbach, Martin Dudziak, Jerry Edling, Paul Epping, Giorgio Gaviraghi, Jerome Glenn, Al Globus, Trevor Haldenby, Robin Hanson, Rudi Hoffman, Maxim Kholin, Kevin LaGrandeur, Pavel Luksha, Andrea Maier, David Orban, Nonthapat “Brave” Pulsiri, Paul Saffo, Rohit Talwar, James Tankersley Jr., Jaba Tkemaladze, Hannah Went, and Bronwyn Williams will be speaking/participating.
Everyone is invited to join the discussion on Zoom on March 1st, ideally at noon in your time zone. (You can pick a different time if noon doesn’t work for you.)

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