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Hannah Went

Hannah Went is epigenetics enthusiast and the Director of Operations at TruDiagnostic where she has helped implement large scale methylation testing for clinical practices and is coauthor of several upcoming studies about interventions to address biological aging.

TruDiagnostic is an epigenetic testing lab that uses the TruAge epigenetic clock to measure the biological age of patients. It partners with academic research labs, nonprofits, and private companies in its endeavors to discover more about the diagnostic field of multi-omics. They offer diagnostics for practitioners and their patients specializing in Biological Aging based on DNA Methylation patterns to help diagnose and affect health outcomes.

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TruDiagnostic provides prognosis and treatment opportunities by translating evidence-based research and working with the world’s most influential scientists in epigenetics and is dedicated to utilizing validated research and rigorous scientific standards to expand their knowledge and analysis into Epigenetics and Aging.

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TruDiagnostic participates in research studies, using their validated Biological Age test (TruAge) to verify claims from interventional products. Their goal for the future is to continue the development of DNA Methylation analytical ability until it can successfully identify markers that can be used by physicians to diagnose age-related diseases before they show outward symptoms, and begin with early interventions.

Previously Hannah was the Director of Content and Research at the International Peptide Society between 2018 and 2020.

Hannah earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Biology at the University of Kentucky in 2019.

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