Advisory Board

Dr. Marsia Bealby

Marsia Bealby, Ph.D. is Faculty Member, Adjunct Professor at the University of the People, Peer Assessment Director and Advisor at the University of the People, e-Learning and Mobile Content Administrator at Redware, and Museum Volunteer at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. She coedited Current Research in Egyptology 2012: Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Symposium.
Marsia teaches “Greek and Roman Civilization” and “Art History” at the University of the People. An experienced public speaker, she has given over 50 public lectures in the UK and abroad. She regularly publishes about Archaeology and Museum Studies. She specializes in Aegean Archaeology, Ancient Egypt, Aegean-Egyptian relations, Minoan-Egyptian relations, Practical Archaeology, Fieldwork, Ancient Greece and Rome, Museum Studies, and Art History. She has participated in several archaeological expeditions in England, Greece, and Egypt.
She earned her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Archaeology and Art History at the National University of Athens in 2004. She earned her Master’s degree in Practical Archaeology at the University of Birmingham in 2006. She earned a Certificate in Egyptology at the University of Exeter in 2007. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Classics, Ancient History, and Archaeology at the University of Birmingham in 2014 with the dissertation Aegean-Egyptian relations (c 1900–1400 BC).
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