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Singularity University

Ray Kurzweil,
Leading visionary.
The Singularity University is launched!
February 2, 2009 — Google and NASA are throwing their weight behind a new school for futurists in Silicon Valley to prepare scientists for an era when machines become smarter than people.
The new institution, known as “Singularity University” is to be headed by the Lifeboat Foundation’s Ray Kurzweil. As one of the leading visionaries on the planet, Ray has donated over five figures to the Lifeboat Foundation, worked on its BioShield program, worked on its report for Richard Branson, and even helped craft the Lifeboat Foundation mission statement. Ray was the 3rd person to join its Scientific Advisory Board. His last reported on the Lifeboat Foundation at the beginning of 2009.
Google and NASA’s backing demonstrates the growing mainstream acceptance of Ray’s views, which include a claim that before the middle of this century artificial intelligence will outstrip human beings, ushering in a new era of civilization.
To be housed at NASA’s Ames Research Center, a stone’s-throw from the Googleplex, the Singularity University will offer courses on biotechnology, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. Lifeboat Foundation’s Susan Fonseca-Klein is its Chief of Staff and Lifeboat Foundation’s Sonia Arrison and Dan Stoicescu are Associate Founders. Lifeboat Foundation’s Chris Haley is part of the Singularity University Founder’s Circle.
The Singularity University academic faculty and advisors include Lifeboat Foundation’s Amara D. Angelica, Sonia Arrison, Robert Freitas Jr., Ben Goertzel, Aubrey de Grey, Terry Grossman, Neil Jacobstein, Ray Kurzweil, and David Orban.
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