Advisory Board

Sourav Karmakar

Sourav Karmakar is a Roboticist, CEO at Infinos, and Chair at the Space Renaissance International India Chapter.

He researches Soft and Flexible Robotics, with a vision of making hybrid, origami, and soft robots for medical use and defense and aerospace applications. He served the aerospace industry as an Executive Engineer in India.

Sourav also inspires Space for Everyone through his TEDx talks and helps individuals and startups to build products from scratch. He has also delivered various Technical and Aerospace talks at engineering institutes in India.

Since 2016, he is the Founder and CEO at Infinos Tech where they work on renewable energy-based portable logistic devices for biotech applications. They also provide educational tools for specially-abled students with customized AR and Robotics solutions.

As the Space Adviser at the Space Career and Leadership Center, Sourav helps enthusiasts find their future in the Space Industry, with their Online Workshops, Events, and all the needed information to land a dream job in the Space Industry.

Since 2016, Sourav is the Chair of the Indian Chapter at Space Renaissance International, where he helps grow awareness about STEM, Space, and Aerospace revolutionary R&D. He is also the Chair at the Lunar Mission One India Chapter, an International Aerospace Organization.

Sourav earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering from St. Peter’s University, India in 2015 with research on Qca and embedded projects.

He was the Student Ambassador at Xovian at the end of his studies and got his first working experience there after his studies.

Sourav visited the Faculty of Design at The Oxford School of Architecture in India soon after 2015 until 2016. Briefly, he was part of the Science and planning team at SGAC – Poland Mars Analogue Mission in 2017.

He attended the Startup School at iB Hubs, where he learned about the entire startup scenario with various practical experiences.

Sourav has published various papers about Quantum Dot Circuits and Aerospace. He has a Patent Application about an Efficient Quantum Dot Circuit. He has various publications and blogs in different languages. Sourav is coauthor of two Novels in the USA called Blow the Winds Southerly and Seiler House.

Sourav is an artist and poet as well.

Visit his LinkedIn profile, Google Scholar profile, and Research Gate profile. Follow him on Facebook.