Advisory Board

Phil Bowermaster, MSc.

Phil Bowermaster, MSc. is a futurist and blogger living in Highlands Ranch (south suburban Denver) Colorado. He is the founder and one of two principal contributors to The Speculist, a blog that provides a generally positive spin on the future, reporting on emerging technologies, emerging knowledge and awareness, and the emerging possibilities which all of these promise. He is also a regular contributor to BetterHumans. In addition to blogging, Phil is a co-host of FastForward Radio, a weekly podcast devoted to many of the same topics, on which he and co-host Stephen Gordon talk with some of the leading voices who are shaping our thinking about the future.
Along with John Smart, Phil is cofounder and director of the Global Futures Network. He is also a senior associate with Foresight Nanotech Institute and a member of the World Transhumanist Association.
Phil has a Master of Science degree in Technical Communication from the University of Colorado at Denver. Over the past two decades he has worked in various roles in the telecommunications and IT industries, in a wide variety of industry and geographic settings. He has been with Sybase for nearly eight years, and he is currently the Worldwide Product Marketing Manager for Sybase IQ.
As a futurist, Phil pursues a two-pronged mission:

  1. Imagine, explore, and make others aware of the tremendous age of possibility in which we currently live
  2. Help to bring about the realization of a few of those possibilities
He believes that his blogging, podcasting, and occasional public speaking on these topics contributes to the first prong of that mission, while participation in the groups named above contributes to the second.
Phil recognizes that being committed to positive future scenarios means having a realistic assessment of the risks and dangers that humanity must overcome in order to achieve these futures. He is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the very important work of the Lifeboat Foundation.
Phil authored Immaterial Girl, The Three Goals, Game Theory, and Western Civilization, A Third Option, The Never-Ending Light Bulb, My Little Bud Grows Up, They Seriously Botched It, Too, Not Everyone Keen on Return to Moon, The Three Goals of Robotics, Aliens Are Stupid, Unlikely Terminator Plot Lines, What the Heck Was THAT?, Virgin Galactic, Methuselah Yeast, Doctor Gave Me a Pill, and I Grew a New Heart, Mind Reading Now Possible?, Death Sucks, Here’s the Rage, The Hard Stuff, The Fundamental Building Block, Fire and Ice — The Risk, and Let’s Be Unrealistic, and coauthored the Better All The Time series. Listen to the Better All The Time podcasts!