Advisory Board

Stephen T. Gordon, J.D., MBA

Stephen T. Gordon, J.D., MBA is one of the brains behind The Speculist and coproducer of The FastForward Radio Show.
Stephen is an attorney who has been practicing law in Shreveport, Louisiana for seven years.
He was born in 1969 in the country of Panama to his father, a U.S. Airforce Captain, and to his mother, a Mathematics instructor. He returned with his family to the United States as a baby and attended grades K-12 in Shreveport.
Stephen was always a mediocre student in school until he was forced to take a 10th grade English correspondence course. Through that experience he learned the joy of active learning. No longer content to sit passively absorbing information in the classroom, his grades improved and he entered college hungry for success.
Stephen finished a Bachelor of Science degree in three years from East Texas Baptist University in Marshal, Texas; then he earned an MBA degree from Milsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi; and finally his law degree from Mississippi College School of Law in Jackson, Mississippi.
He authored Hydrogen on the Cheap, Now this is what I’m talking about…, Can Push Prizes Take us Back to the Moon?, The Top 10 11 Real Life Star Trek Inventions, The MacBook Air Compromise, The Race to Plug-In, An Instant Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, The $2,500 Car, Popular Mechanics Makes a Case for Diesel, Cognitive Enhancement, Withering Retail, Cheaper Than the Grid, Average Adult Cholesterol is now “Ideal”, Sixth Day Ethics, The Transistor at 60, Anti-Aging Drug Going into Human Trials, A Better Illness, and Embryonic Stem Cells From Adult Skin Cells, and coauthored the Better All The Time series. Listen to the Better All The Time podcasts!
In 1992 he married his college sweetheart Sheralyn McFaul. Stephen and Sheralyn are the proud parents of three sons aged eight, six, and two. Today they are preparing for the birth of their fourth child. In 1991 he had a brush with national infamy when he and his brothers thought they saw a small black bear perched in a tall tree near their home. Being good citizens, they called the authorities. Numerous sheriff’s deputies, game wardens, and a wildlife biologist rushed to the scene to try to capture the bear. As night fell spotlights, nets, and tranquilizer darts were deployed. When the tranqed bear did not fall, desperate agents cut the tree down and discovered a heavily sedated black garbage bag. Stephen had hoped to keep the whole thing quiet. It didn’t stay quiet. He looks back now and realizes this experience gave him much needed humility.
Stephen had another important formative experience when he took a college field trip to a sedentary rock outcrop near Waco, Texas. During that trip he saw and helped excavate fossils from the rock that showed progressive biological complexity. Coming to accept the theory of evolution as “the way it happened” challenged Stephen’s Christian faith, but did not destroy it.
Stephen has been interested in science since early childhood. Today, he hopes to be a life-long scholar and amateur speculist throughout an extended lifespan.
His optimism about our technological future is a reflection of Arthur C. Clarke’s Three Laws:

  1. “When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.”
  2. “The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.”
  3. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Whatever the future holds, Stephen hopes to “live to see it”. Follow his Twitter feed.